Cookie Sticks

Cookie Sticks 
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Cookies are 360 degrees of fun, whether circular or rectangular. These artisanal morsels are made with high standards and quality ingredients. Your party guests will not be able to resist these fun cookies. 

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Free Recipe: Peaches with Agave Sauce

Agave Sauce 
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2 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1  1/2 tablespoons agave nectar
2 tablespoons flour, sifted
1/4 teaspoon salt


Combine butter, sugar, and agave in a small saucepan  and melt over low heat.  
Sift flour.
Stir in flour and salt into the saucepan mixture.
Remove mixture from stove.

Drizzle this agave sauce over sliced seasonal fruits, such as organic peaches.
This sauce is also excellent over high quality ice cream or drizzled on top of your favorite brownies.  This sauce has a nuanced flavor of almost a light butterscotch.  Be creative and let me know what desserts you use it with at home.  

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The Griddle Cafe Review by Jesse Bluma

"Strawberries and Cream Waffle~Covered with fresh strawberries and our brown sugar sour cream topping...sprinkled with powdered sugar."

The Griddle Cafe

Making good breakfast food is harder than it looks.  The Griddle Cafe offers breakfast all day long, as with a lunch menu.  I ordered the strawberries and cream waffle, seen above.  The buttermilk waffle was perfect and sweet, plenty to eat without any sides.  The strawberries were fresh, which is a pet peeve of mine at those breakfast chain diners.  Super size stacks of pancakes are on the menu too, so be extra hungry or prepared to take home a box if you don't finish.  The "BLUESberry" pancakes look to be a popular selection.

Tip:  Bring a friend and share one stack of pancakes and get a side like eggs.  

If you happen to be in Los Angeles or a tourist in the city this spot hits the spot.  Over the past six years I have been twice and really enjoyed it each time.  There has been a line each time of about twenty minutes, so arrive before you are starving and get your name on the list inside the cafe.  

The Griddle Cafe is located 7916 Sunset Blvd., 
Hollywood, CA 90046
(on the corner of Sunset and Fairfax)
The cafe closes at 4:00 P.M.

Artisanal goods by Jesse Bluma at PointeViven
using organic ingredients and inspiration
from California, Central, and South America.

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Who is this?

Hint:   He lived in Greece, was a mathematician, and defined linear as "breadthless length".
See below for answer.

linear shelf

Linear Shelf
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I am enjoying my new bed by Boltz.  After getting the bed setup I had to get rid of a side table that now had no room.  I found the uncommon green linear shelf.  "Clean. Functional. The KeyShelf provides a simple place to stash your stuff. Slots for your keys and charger, and enough shelf space for your wallet and phone. The minimal design looks great anywhere you want it.  The Linear has three straight slots from the left hand side of the shelf, the shelf measures 10" long and 5" deep and mounts to the wall with two anchors."  

I installed the shelf using a ruler for measuring, level for balance, pencil to mark the holes, two ribbed plastic anchors, two screws, and a screwdriver (items not included with shelf).  The shelf is a perfect substitute for a bedside table.  It is large enough for a small alarm clock, a glass of water, a pencil, and small pad of paper for those 2 A.M. bursts of ideas.  The linear shelf would also make a good addition in an office, bathroom, or garage.

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Answer:  Euclid 

Marbelous Game Night

Entertain your guests with a marble table, good laughter, and gourmet Pointe Viven cookies and cupcakes.
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Watermelon Cookies
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Deserves a Cookie - Archi's Acres

A unique VA-supported program not only gives returning Veterans an employment opportunity, and also a chance to decompress and gradually adjust to civilian life.

Watermelon Cookies
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Carmageddon Proves Propaganda is Good

Early ‘Carmageddon' traffic moving smoothly

Carmageddon Proves Propaganda is Good
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The months of television warnings, celebrity tweets, radio spots, speeches by governmental officials from various agencies has proven one thing:  we can get it right.  Humans are remarkable creatures, turning the ordinary and mundane into the extraordinary.  For three days in the summer of 2011 a portion of the 405 freeway is being closed to traffic to create a new carpool lane, which involves taking down part of the Mulholland Bridge.  The avoidance of mass panic, traffic jams, and epic doom is due to individual choices to stay away from the route and create alternative plans.  This is not to say the residents and business owners closest to the project have not been affected.  Considering the size and scope of the construction we have survived and thrived.  

Pointe Viven - Jesse Bluma. All rights reserved.

What makes this possible?  Propaganda (1718, from Mod.L. propaganda, short for Congregatio de Propaganda Fide "congregation for propagating the faith," committee of cardinals established 1622 by Gregory XV to supervise foreign missions.  Modern political sense dates from World War I, not originally pejorative.  With every local news channel, newspaper, magazine, politician, and governmental official repeatedly giving updates and information about the 405 construction the community was given a singular goal.  The echo chamber of this event also included every individual in the community that posted information about it on their Facebook accounts, talked about it with their fellow congregation members at church, and laughed about the predicted doom with their co-workers.  This is the social capital that is so vital and needed in Los Angeles, California, and the rest of our nation.  Robert Putnam wrote Bowling Alone to explain "The Collapse and Revival of American Community".  We are revived and improve when we do what is right and prepare.

Propaganda is good, as every teacher, coach, and parent knows.  Students and people in general need content to be repeated several times before it sinks into the mind.  The endless months of words, pictures, and hands-on experience of driving the 405 and seeing warning signs gave residents a common goal and plan.  Imagine if we organized like this as a community on other issues.  What if our local news reporters chose to stop giving us 500 fluffy, bloody, short, shiny news stories in their broadcasts?  What if our local politicians stopped presenting a million different projects and promises every day?  What if every three months we had only one major topic to discuss, tweet, and think about?  We could focus and think through and encourage

 -better roads in other areas
-best parenting practices
-a real war on drugs
-improved attitudes toward education
-excellent nutrition in all our schools.

Solving these and other topics is not impossible, it's not that we "can't" solve or improve them, it's not that we should just give up.  We just need to focus and spread the propaganda.
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Watermelon Cookies
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Tips for Breakfast in Bed by Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven

Tips for Breakfast in Bed

If you are seeking to give someone a special treat or to treat yourself, why not make a dynamic meal to eat in bed?  

1.  The most overlooked detail may be the bed.  The right bed provides great sleep and will act as your breakfast table.  I recently discovered Boltz, the maker of steel beds, tables, shelving, and other furniture items.  I like their Classic and W style beds.

2.  The other overlooked detail is the mattress and boxspring.  You need a quality night's sleep to enjoy Saint Valentine's Day morning.  Dad needs to sleep on a comfortable mattress to have a good Father's Day.  The kids need the best sleep environment to achieve enough hours of sleep.  

When choosing my mattress I started long before purchasing one.  I kept a log of mattresses I slept on at various hotels.  Testing a bed at a mattress showroom is not always enough.  Getting the opportunity to sleep on a mattress for a few nights gave me a better idea of what I liked and didn't like.  I then decided on a Sealy.

3.  Another excellent tip is to get a mattress encasing to help prevent dust mites.  No one wants dust mites for breakfast. 

4.  New bedding and pillows is another way to make this an extra special event.  Make your pillows or get the kids to make mom a pillow.  Plan ahead to visit stores, such as Marshalls, to find new bedding and revisit a few times as new merchandise arrives.

5.  A nice tray that is large enough and has a lip is necessary to precent spillage when serving breakfast.  Remember to include utensils and a cloth napkin.  

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Credit:  Boltz. com,

Who exclaimed "Let them eat cake"? by Jesse Bluma

Who exclaimed "Let them eat cake"? 
Pointe Viven - Jesse Bluma. All rights reserved.

The French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789)
Stated that the French government received its power from the people
Strengthened individual rights and equality

Bastille Day marks the the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789.  The French were partly inspired by events in America.  In contrast, the French were more intense with Enlightenment ideas by such authors as Rousseau.  The use of "force" and "secularism" was popularized through these ideas.  The French Revolution was a rising up of crowds seeking to take away power and influence of King Louis XVI, his wife Marie Antoinette, and religion.  It has some similarities to the American Revolution; however, in America the revolution was guided more by debate and protest rather than mob attacks.  

After storming the Bastille (which had only seven prisoners, no political prisoners as had been thought), farmers and commoners burned down houses belonging to nobles and clergy.  This vengeful act was followed by the "trial" of King Louis and his execution.  Marie Antoinette was then falsely accused of abusing her son and executed.  It is a common misconception that Marie Antoinette said to the poor peasants "Let them eat cake".  This was in fact a rumor started by her enemy Rousseau.  Many others were executed by guillotine that the mobs did not like.

Artisanal goods by Jesse Bluma at PointeViven
using organic ingredients and inspiration
from California, Central, and South America.

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Source:  World History Medieval to Early Modern Times, Burstein and Shek, 2006 Holt

DEBATE: Should Government Remove Children From Families If They Become Obese?

by America Live Posted in: Health, Martha MacCallum

On the table during a debate on Wednesday was the issue of childhood obesity and at what point, if any, the government should step in and remove a minor from his or her family. It’s a question at the center of not only health concerns but also increasing worries of a future “police state” if such an intervention were to come to fruition.
Meme Roth, of the National Action Against Obesity, said without hesitation that enabling obesity constitutes child abuse. But her counterpart, marriage and family therapist Karen Ruskin disagreed. “I find it extremely disturbing that in our generation we seek out detachment, that we seek out government, in order to try to take the child out [of the family] instead of treating the unit,” she said.
On the contrary, Ruskin said the goal should be to pair the government up with the family, doctors, nutritionists and the like before resorting to stripping the child from his/her home. “It’s extremely traumatic to the child,” Ruskin said.
This begs the question, however, where is the line drawn? Who then should call child protective services, and at what point in a child’s battle with weight issues?
“If you saw a child that was underfed and you didn’t call CPS, that wouldn’t be acceptable,” Roth said. She argues that it shouldn’t be any different in the case of an overweight minor.
Watch what happened when things got extremely heated on today’s America Live. Then, let us know where you stand.

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