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Adele Adkins was born in Tottenham, London, England.  Tottenham was established in the early 1000s A.D. along a Roman road.  The Romans built at least 4,000 km of roads in Britain for military use, trade, and communication purposes.  Forward to the late 1900s and Adele was born in 1988.  At age 11 she moved from Tottenham to South London.  She credits this move with introducing her to rhythm and blues.

Looking for a theme for your next party or event?  For a British theme include the following items:

Music by Adele
A large wall size picture of a double-decker bus
Union Jack place mats
Rent a red telephone booth
Teach your guests how to play rugby
The English take great pride in their green thumbs--use Acacia, Roses, Carnations, and Pears for centerpieces
Pointe Viven - Jesse Bluma. All rights reserved.

English Chocolate Chip Cookies

 These cookies are a perfect
little indulgence for your 
dinner party.  Or tip-toe at
night to sneak one from the
cookie jar.  These cookies 
are the ultimate marriage 
of sweet goodness with
a sprinkling of light, 
fluffy sea salt.  

To order click here.

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