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ReesSpecht Life: Acts of Kindness Movement

ReesSpecht Life

I recently learned about ReesSpecht Life, founded in honor of Rees Specht.  His parents, Rich and Samantha Specht, began the campaign after the loss of their son.  ReesSpecht Life encourages kindness, "dedicated to his memory, and our commitment to make the world a better place in his name. Help us help each other. Let’s all work together and do the small things that make a big difference. Our little Boy’s life was brief, we hope to make his legacy eternal. We all possess the ability to do something Super: Respect each other, respect ourselves".

The story.  Rees' parents and a family friend were preparing for Hurricane Sandy when Rees found his way to the backyard fish pond.  Despite valiant efforts to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation by his father and paramedics, Rees did not recover.  This remarkable couple has found strength and made it their purpose to honor their son and create a better world.  Amazing.

"The money we raise through fundraisers and donations will be reinvested in our community to ensure these ideals are met. We can make a difference in this world, one piece at a time. Help us help each other. Help us respect each other, help us ReesSpecht life."

Please join the movement. 


Gourmet treats by Jesse Bluma at PointeViven
using organic ingredients and inspiration
from California, Central, and South America.

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The Spotlight Campaign: Great Cooks, Chefs, and Bakers by Jesse Bluma

The Spotlight Campaign 


Our ideas, our creations, our spirit, and our great actions have always been key.  I know what it’s like to create something, the hard work it takes to accomplish goals, and to stand with others.  I know with my readers we share an elevated approach to food, information, and inspiration.  Liberating food and taste is the mission.  It is a holistic approach to living well and freeing our taste in food and much more.  Pointe Viven reflects my spirit and its clients.  It is a dynamic community of liberating food and taste.

Over the years is has been terrific to meet, spotlight, and feature certain creators, doers, and inspirational figures.  I know no matter where I am, where I visit, and with whom I meet I will learn something and be re-energized by their endeavors.  Each month join me in spotlighting the famous, the not so famous, the local celebrities, and those you believe have earned a thank you, a congratulations, and the recognition.  

Each month a new theme will be chosen, so be thinking of those people you know exhibit the traits.  Often the trait is something not so measurable, rather it is shown through the mundane, certain instances, and moments that surprise you.  This is your opportunity to join me and take part in the campaign.

October:  Spotlighting great cooks, chefs, bakers, and those good with a grill.  This month is for those individuals that cook up the best meals, create the best experience for their guests, and know how to create a good time.  Tell us the person you wish to spotlight and why.

Gourmet treats by Jesse Bluma at PointeViven
using organic ingredients and inspiration
from California, Central, and South America.

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Madd Chef Halloween Costume: Mastering the Art of Spooky Cooking by Jesse Bluma

Madd Chef Halloween Costume

This is me at a Halloween party costume contest.  I have always gotten into the spirit of Halloween.  It is fun creating haunted houses for trick-or-treaters and cooking up some ghoulish dishes.  One recommendation is to always make your own costume or elements of it.  The more you get into designing that vampire costume or alien from another planet look, the more you will enjoy the holiday and make your costume stand out.

Update:  Thank you to Broadway In Chicago for featuring my Halloween Costume on their site.  How fun is that.  This was in conjunction with their show To Master the Art by William Brown and Doug Frew.  "A play that recalls the adventure & romance of Julia and Paul Child's journey of culinary discover in 1950's Paris."

Madd Chef Costume Materials

- Chef hat

- Black cooking apron or chef's shirt

- Black oven mit

- Flip-Up Whisks or other kitchen tools:  Hand draw five to seven whisks or another kitchen tool on folded card stock paper, cut out the whisks leaving one edge attached to allow for it to be flipped open.  Type spooky sayings and phrases, then glue on inside portion of each whisk.  This makes for an interactive costume and conversation starter, other party guests will enjoy flipping up each whisk card to see what is inside.  Laminate these kitchen tool print out to prevent the paper from curling.  Be sure to use thick card stock.  

- Spiders:  Hand draw or purchase three card stock black spiders, approximately 3"x5".

- Glow in the dark paint:  Use a cotton swab to dab two eyes onto each spider.  Allow paint to dry.

- No Sew Hemming Tape:  Use to attach each whisk and spider to the apron or chef shirt.

- Black jack-o'-lanterns:  Print out on black paper or use a jack-o'-lantern paper punch to create nine or ten jack-o'-lanterns, approximately 1"x1".  Then use white glue to attach to the rim of the chef hat.


- Photo album 

- Black card stock:  Measure and cut to cover the photo album, using craft spray adhesive to affix.

- Click to download The Madd Chef's Cookbook label. (Print out the label on card stock, trim to fit, then use craft adhesive to affix to the front of the photo album that is covered with black card stock.)

- Skeleton head and arm:  Cut out a paper skeleton head and arm, you may print these on card stock or find specialty Halloween paper.  Fold a piece of card stock into a 1"x1" 3D rectangle box.  Glue the 3D rectangle box where you wish to place the skeleton head on the front of the cookbook.  Allow for the adhesive to dry.  Then glue the skeleton head on top of the rectangle box, this will allow the head to pop off the cookbook.  Then glue the skeleton arm to the front cover of the cookbook.  Then cover with Halloween cobwebs.

* Several options exist for inside the photo album.  You may wish to place a small bag of Halloween candy inside and share or a small Halloween bag to collect candy.  You may also wish to create a pop-up spider inside to scare up some laughs.  Or some real recipes inside.  Be creative.  I glued a box to the inside and filled it with cookies.


- Cake flour:  Add a dab of cake flour or baby powder to the face for a real effect.

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