Coconut and Pistachio Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies by Jesse Bluma

Coconut and Pistachio Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Enjoy these sophisticated cookies topped with chocolate and sprinkled with crushed pistachios, then rolled in toasted coconut.  Order several dozen for your next party, event, or celebration.  Made with organic and quality ingredients, including chocolate chips, pistachios, cocoa, and shredded unsweetened coconut.

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Let's Move: School Wellness Standards

Let's Move:  School Wellness Standards

"First Lady Michelle Obama discusses the U.S. Department of Agriculture's proposed guidelines for new school wellness policies, which would ensure that foods and beverages marketed to children in schools are consistent with the recently-released Smart Snacks in School standards.  The bipartisan Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act mandated that the USDA set guidelines for what needed to be included in local school wellness policies in areas such as setting goals for nutrition education and physical activity, informing parents about content of the policy and implementation, and periodically assessing progress and sharing updates as appropriate.  

As part of local school wellness policies, the proposed guidelines would ensure that foods and beverages marketed to children in schools are consistent with the recently-released Smart Snacks in School standards.  Ensuring that unhealthy food is not marketed to children is one of the First Lady’s top priorities; that is why it is so important for schools to reinforce the importance of healthy choices and eliminate marketing of unhealthy products."


While everything Mrs. Obama has stated about education, children, parents, and food policies may not be correct, we can agree that nutrition is essential for growth and development.  Those that oppose efforts to improve school meals may need to double check any hypocrisy.  Proposing individual responsibility while relying on schools to feed one's children is a conflict of principles.  Packing your child's lunch and showing them how to pack their own lunch is vital in the process of teaching personal responsibility.  

Great living and great eating does not require only eating raw broccoli and drinking blended kale.  Untamed thoughts and reactions to any discussion of nutrition, what students eat, and how schools serve meals does not aid our country or the case for keeping school meals to fatty pizza and insipid grated potatoes.  Liberating ones ideas, actions, and diet is a step in the right direction to living well, being well, and being personally responsible.

I want my fried food, cookies, cakes, and soda pop!  And no president's wife if going to tell me what to do!  

That is excellent, cookies, cakes, and other treats are fantastic to enjoy.  Yet, perhaps there is more to the story.  Will banning cookies and cupcakes from classroom parties end the challenges in education?  No, we all can agree on that.  Rather than seeing shifts in schools menu items as a Stalinist act, we need to see it as a reaction in an absurd situation.  Rather than complaining about school, rather than complaining about government overreach, rather that demanding the government get out of my personal business, Republicans and conservatives need to drop their expectations.  Expectations of any kind stand on weak foundations.   

Feed your children well and they will not be overweight, give your children tools and teach them right from wrong and they will know how to deal with pop culture, media, and drugs.  That is much better, although harder, than having absurd expectations that schools will never change their dietary menus.  Sometimes fried foods, cookies, cakes, and soda pop is more appetizing than facing reality.  Yet, personal responsibility demands it.   

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Birthday Cake Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies by Jesse Bluma

Birthday Cake Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy birthday!  Enjoy these overindulgent deep dish cookies topped with the ultimate chocolate frosting.  Made with organic and quality ingredients, including chocolate chips, brown sugar, sweet cocoa, and crushed walnuts. 

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Ocean Terrace and George’s Bar at the Cove Review by Jesse Bluma

Ocean Terrace and George’s Bar at the Cove Review

Growing up I remember spending summers in La Jolla and San Diego.  Sea caves.  Torrey Pines.  Carmel Valley.  This region of California has so much to offer.  Including great dining.

George’s is the namesake of George Hauer--waiter turned modern restauranteur.  “Very simply, George’s at the Cove is for people who believe in enjoying the San Diego lifestyle to its fullest. And that includes a great meal. If you want a fine dining experience unlike any other, a special evening awaits at California Modern, featuring unique tasting menus from one of San Diego’s most admired chefs. If you’re in the mood for a more casual dining experience try the Ocean Terrace, acclaimed as the region’s best rooftop dining, or George’s Bar, a relaxed setting where indoors and outdoors flow together.”

My Recommendations

1.  The Terrace and Bar is located on Prospect Street in La Jolla, California.  Public parking lots are located within a few minute walk of the restaurant.  Valet is also available.  

2.  Peak times occur during week days and nights, especially weekend nights.  You may wish to visit for brunch or lunch as soon as they open on a weekend.  Make sure to get reservations.  Also, make sure to specify a seat at the Terrace--it can get confusing.  Ocean view by day, ocean breeze at night.  A great spot for a date or drink with friends.

3.  I enjoy the Terrace seating that directly overlooks the ocean.  The bar seating can be fun as well.  

4.  Each time I have dined at Ocean Terrace I have enjoyed my meals.  I recommend the Grilled Faroe Island Salmon--farro salad, artichokes, cherry tomato, radish, corn, lemon-dill yogurt.  (Farro is a small, hearty, round wheat grain.)  Another excellent item is the deeply flavorful George’s Famous Soup with smoked chicken, broccoli, and black beans.

5.  I also like the Blue Cheese Martini--American Harvest organic vodka, house stuffed 
blue cheese olives.  

6.  Afterwards you may wish to walk through La Jolla, enjoy some of the shops, sites, and people watching.  Or make a day of the beach.  Check out the other areas of San Diego as well.

The Terrace and Bar is located on upstairs from George’s fine dining restaurant.

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Georges At The Cove Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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The Spotlight Campaign: Great Generosity by Jesse Bluma

The Spotlight Campaign 


 Our ideas, our creations, our spirit, and our great actions have always been key.  I know what it’s like to create something, the hard work it takes to accomplish goals, and to stand with others.  I know with my readers we share an elevated approach to food, information, and inspiration.  Liberating food and taste is the mission.  It is a holistic approach to living well and freeing our taste in food and much more.  Pointe Viven reflects my spirit and its clients.  It is a dynamic community of liberating food and taste.

 Over the years it has been terrific to meet, spotlight, and feature certain creators, doers, and inspirational figures.  I know no matter where I am, where I visit, and with whom I meet I will learn something and be re-energized by their endeavors.  Each month join me in spotlighting the famous, the not so famous, the local celebrities, and those you believe have earned a thank you, a congratulations, and the recognition.  

Each month a new theme will be chosen, so be thinking of those people you know exhibit the traits.  Often the trait is something not so measurable, rather it is shown through the mundane, certain instances, and moments that surprise you.  This is your opportunity to join me and take part in the campaign.

In February we celebrated great sports and athletes.  Those with outstanding sportsmanship, talent, and aspirations.  Those individuals making great strides in liberating their lives and the lives of others in the way they work and play.

March:  This month we are spotlighting great generosity.  We are looking for those that exhibit the utmost in encouragement, kindness, sympathy, and turn it into action.  Those individuals making great strides in liberating their lives and the lives of others in their relationships, work, and charitable acts.  Tell us the person you wish to spotlight and why.

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Up to Us: How to Solve Our National Debt Challenges

Up to Us:  How to Solve Our National Debt Challenges 

Up to Us is a strong movement at universities.  The initiative has ignited many students and others to join in to provide ideas and real action to take to improve fiscal matters within our government.  How to control spending and taxation is an essential topic for us all, as the effects of runaway spending and taxes ripple through our lives and futures.  Liberating ourselves from bad spending habits and bad politicians is the challenge.        

"Up to Us is a nationwide campus competition that engages students in building a movement to address our federal government's long-term fiscal and economic challenges.

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) is very excited to be participating in the Up to Us competition.  Our team is comprised of five members from various student organizations including the Associated Student Government, the Lobby Corps Committee, and the Economics Association, which is the fountainhead for this competition.  CSUF is looking forward to raising awareness about the long-term U.S. federal debt, as it is an issue that affects everyone, especially the younger generations.

The federal government has been fiscally irresponsible for too long, and you know who will have to pay for it?  We will.  CSUF Up To Us has come to realize that many students don’t really know how the federal debt affects them.  'They should know that just being involved, educating themselves, showing that they’re interested in this it does make a big change.. it changes that mindset and that attitude, because in ten years we are going to be the ones running this country,'  Bita Kianian said."

Please add your comments to share your fiscal ideas.

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