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Fashion Portfolio: Take Fashion Inspiration from Central America by Jesse Bluma

Fashion Portfolio:  Take Fashion Inspiration from Central America

In life we may not become famous, infamous, or blockbusters. We do; however, have the power to become something more than those labels.  It is our savvy and confidence that allows us to rise above and experience living life with good taste.  Our travels, life experiences, and dreams are snapshots on the runway of our lives.  There is no better place than the now to make the best strides down that runway.   This is your epic, your life, so choose the label you wear wisely.

Knowing what to wear and how to wear it is a powerful skill.  Some readers are at an advanced level and have a personal style.  Some will go on to experiment with clothes, trends, and brands.  While others may be too intrepid to wear anything besides t-shirts and shorts.  Once you conquer the clothing world and develop a lifelong interest in dressing right, you will feel more inspired to shop and enjoy your home, social, and business life.

Not sure?  No need to be scared of labels, black-ties, white-ties, button-downs, or bespoke clothing.  Here is where expert knowledge and trusted expertise comes in handy.  Many readers rely on Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven as their go-to source.  Let an enjoyable experience with these fashion recipes be your start.  If you are more advanced and comfortable with fashion items, share your ideas, purchases, and suggestions.

What we wear is powerful and attitude matters.  Remind yourself again:  You deserve to live well and be well.  Creating a closet of items right for you, along with excellent fitness, health, and life habits, is all an expression of how you respect yourself.  Knowing what to wear and executing fashion looks can be a challenge.  The guidelines, inspirations, and ideas in this article will spark your interest and get you wearing more than the same three items over-and-over.  As the notable custom tailor Alan Flusser observed, “A necktie’s motif, or pattern, expresses the poetry, the sense of whimsy, the psychology of the individual wearer.” 
Models.  The images we see in ads, movies, and media can influence our goals and perceptions.  Keep in mind the people in those professions spend a lot of time and have a lot of time to look their best.  Or computer graphics best.  Rather than focusing on images in media, focus on what is the right fit, look, and use of clothes for you.  As I learned from fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, fashion is about what is trending in stores and style is more about your own personality.  Take a moment to reflect upon good fashion sense, your life, needs, and goals.  That will be the center of what gets you fashion fit.  Structure your closet and drawers with options for your various activities, career, the climate you live in, and seasons. 

The Wardrobe Essentials.  It is key to make clothing selections with a long-term frame of mind.  Quality construction and timeless pieces are sharp and financially smart choices.  Know your measurements and proportions.  Take a look in the mirror to see what cuts, colors, shapes, and lengths are best for you.  There is a learning curve for going from being dressed by mom to dressing yourself, for your current physique, current life, and adventures.  Calvin Klein, business mogul and designer, once explained to me at a fashion show that what people wear should be modern, clean, and make them look their best.  Personal responsibility is at the heart of dressing well.  Study magazines, people in the streets, in school, models, and actors in your age range.  Also, seek out knowledgeable salespeople in stores and vintage shops.

Fashion Portfolio:  Take Fashion Inspiration from Central America

Imagine on a clear day seeing the summit of a volcano, the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, jungle, and Maya monuments.  That is the adventurous and mind transforming land of the amazing isthmus between North and South America.  The people, cultures, beaches, cuisine, and outdoor activities in this land of turquoise water, dense forests, farms, and bustling towns is inspirational.  

Central American clothing embodies modern tribalism.  White cotton pants and shirts and straw cowboy hats are the traditional garb.  Contemporary fashion for men is on par with other great city centers around the globe.  From ticos, natives, in Costa Rica to pelaos, dudes, in Panama, Central American fashion is colorful, versatile, and full of variety.  Wardrobe in this part of the Americas includes formal wear, long sleeved collar tops, jeans, blazers, t-shirts, tennis shoes, work boots, hats, and more.  Mainly in earth tones and pops of color.  

Clothing and fashion communicates a message about ourselves, status, and attitude about events, social situations, school, work, and more.  Traditional clothing across Central America utilizes a rainbow of colors, geometric designs, and trims.  These elements were and are still used to demonstrate social rank, status, religion, and community.  Over time traditional clothing in this region, as in other parts of the world, has given way to innovations and desire among people to emulate trends.  The climate, biomes, career and more influence the well dressed man in Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.    

Create the Look for Yourself

Blazers, Coats, and Vests




Tank Tops

Jeans and Pants

Shorts and Swim Trunks



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Credit:  alanflusser. com, pexels .com, Amazon. com, "Costa Rica, Srs. Chavarria and Giusta on S.S. Miravalles off Shore of Guanacaste Province."AGSL Digital Photo Archive – North and Central America. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2017.  "Guatemala, Men Weighing Sacks of Coffee Beans." AGSL Digital Photo Archive – North and Central America. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2017.

Attractive Burgers and Fries: Burger Parlor Review by Jesse Bluma

Attractive Burgers and Fries:  Burger Parlor Review

Friends and I are always on the look for good food from family-owned and independent restaurants.  I had the opportunity to dine at Burger Parlor during a recent exclusive media event.  The restaurant is located near the historic Orange Circle, steps away from shopping, churches, an antique mall and more.  A gem of a spot for lunch and dinner.  The restaurant features many local beers, an outdoor patio, and an attentive staff.  A fun new spot to dine with friends or family.

Chef Joseph Mahon —  The menu if burger focused, featuring such toppings as crushed avocado on the Kali burger, jalapeƱos on the Frito Burger, and blue cheese on the Danish burger.  Many sharable items on the menu.  Sharing a few different burgers or the vegetarian burger with friends is ideal here.  The exclusive media event at Burger Parlor was in honor of the new Tostada Burger.  A collaboration between Chef Mahon and Dexter Holland, singer for The Offspring and owner of Gringo Bandito.

Dexter Holland (left).  Chef Joseph Mahon (right).
Credit:  Bob Bradely PR

“The first pop-up concept to go brick and mortar, Burger Parlor was inspired by chef and owner Joseph Mahon’s burger-focused events at Michelin star restaurant Bastide.  Burger Parlor’s pop up was greeted with rave reviews and lines stretching out the door.  Gringo Bandito was by Dexter Holland, singer for the multi-platinum punk rock band The Offspring, more as a hobby than a business.  After several years and over a million bottles later, Gringo Bandito hot sauce has garnered a worldwide audience and a loyal following.”

Photos by Scott Kendall


1.  The restaurant is located at 149 North Glassell Street, Orange, California 92866.  The location is walking distance from local stores, businesses, bars, and historic sites.  Street parking is available in front and on the backside of the restaurant.  The back parking lot fills up fast.  The other Burger Parlor is located at 204 North Harbor Boulevard, Fullerton, California 92832.

2.  The cozy patio area is a favorite spot by many to dine.  The outdoor dining space with painted brick wall and twinkling lights is a sociable area.  

3.  Burger Parlor offers burgers, shakes, malts, sides, and salads.  The following were my favorites. 

Tostada Burger – crisp tostada chip, fried egg, Gringo Bandito crema, crushed avocado, roasted Anaheim chile, hormone free Nebraskan beef patty, and Gringo Bandito aioli.

Kevin Bacon and Pastrami Fries —traditional fries, aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese, cheese sauce, bacon, house-made hot sauce, and pastrami.

Space Dust India Pale Ale — a light beer that is excellent to drink with American classics, such as burgers and fries.  

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Burger Parlor Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Disclaimer:  Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven is editorially independent.  No payment is accepted for editorial coverage.

Credit:  Bob Bradley PR


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