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The Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Policies

The Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Policies

The real truth, the real lesson is that life is too short, live it up.  Is not that what we are all afraid to admit or tell our kids?  Rules, boundaries, etiquette, chivalry, and the rest impose impossible and unrealistic standards on students, adults, and everyone in between.  Many teachers, employers, theaters, and business owners get it wrong by posting signs to turn off phones, leave them at home, mandating "Bell to bell, no cell".

These teachers, business owners, performers, and doctors need to understand that in the world today we need to get ahold of our children, we need to plan pick-up and drop-off times, arrange meetings, and they should be sympathetic.  If you encounter a teacher, boss, or usher that does not understand your situation let them know you have important tasks to do.

You are somebody important and need to be respected for your need to communicate.  Here are some responses to use when you encounter those not with the modern times.  Sometimes it takes just a little explaining for them to get it.

Comment #1 

"Aren't you worried giving your child a cell phone will give them access to predators?"

Proper Response Back #1

"Thanks for your concern, my child won't do that."

Comment #2

"Aren't you worried giving your child a cell phone will give them access to cheat in school?"

Proper Response Back #2

"My child does not cheat and I need to get ahold of them when they are in school."

Comment #3 

"Aren't you worried the cell phone will disrupt the class?"

Proper Response Back #3

"I told my child to keep the cell phone on vibrate, thanks for your concern."

Comment #4

"Aren't you worried your child will stay awake all night texting with their friends?  Won't they be too tired the next day and won't is affect their job as a student?"

Proper Response Back #4

"Thanks for your concern, our family has its own rules and those don't affect anyone else."

Comment #5

"Aren't you worried about your child taking bad self-photos or bad photos of others?"

Proper Response Back #5

"I have spoken with my child and they are more mature than others, so there is no worry about that."

Comment #6

"Aren't you concerned your child will access bad websites and games?"

Proper Response Back #6

"Thank you for your concern, my child is old enough to know what's best."

The truth is we do not need no manners, no education, no forced control.  Life is about fun, whether in or outside of school, work, church, home, restaurants, doctor offices, or movie theaters.  Speak up for yourself and your child.  Just say no to these unrealistic comments.     

All of this was parody of what is thought and said in our school communities everyday.  Similar comments as well in the business world, stores, restaurants, theaters, sports events, et cetera.  There is a modern, childish, hollow desire to connect.  Each generation of parents values different things than the previous.  The cell phone is one more toy that is used to buy love, keep kids occupied, and another way to keep up with the Joneses.  

Many parents say it is a "need" in case their child were ever kidnapped or it is a "need" to arrange pick up after school.  Yet, somehow thousands of years of students got home from school without cell phones.  According to CBS news 115 American children are abducted each year.  Horrible and disgusting, yet not an epidemic.  Most abductions are not by strangers waiting outside schools, they are usually parents, family members, or known persons to the family.  If parents/guardians are really concerned about emergencies then they can purchase phones with the sole use of reaching emergency services such as 9-1-1.  

Cell phones are a huge distraction in schools, yet the same generation of parents is the same generation as teachers and principals.  Some teachers have just given in and look the other way rather than asking parents the same six questions from above.  Unfortunately, too many people in the current culture yawn and take no action to do what is right on this hot topic.

A study by Dr. Chris Bjornsen found "Students with a higher GPA used social media less frequently than those with a lower GPA, the study found. Students with a high GPA (3.0 or better) did so an average of 2.9 times per class, those with a medium GPA (2.0-2.99) an average of 3.0 times and those with a low GPA (below 2.0) an average of 3.8 times."   

This contributes to juvenile delinquency (the participation of youth in crimes, offenses, and very risky acts), which has life-long affects and carries over into bad habits in adulthood and lack of professional conduct.  True respect, true communication, true connection does not come from a phone.  It is demonstrated when we don't give them to children, when we turn our own phones off, when we pay attention to the word.  The word being spoken by the teacher, the minister, the actor, the coach, the friend, the child, and the parent.  

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