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Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven. All rights reserved.

Jesse Bluma at Point Viven liberates taste in cookery, culture, and community, provides gourmet goods made with organic ingredients, inspired by the culinary worlds of California, Central, and South America, and engages in a community of customers and readers with lifestyle content, reviews, and expertise.

How do you liberate food and taste in your everyday?  Location…follow…Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven offers gourmet morsels made with high standards.  Quality, respect for local, fresh, and organic ingredients is the recipe for success.  Artisanal goods are lightly sweetened, using natural ingredients and thoughtfully created.


  1. Hey Jesse, how are you?
    I liked your blog! If you can go to see mine :D
    I'm Brazilian and I want to make new friends and read Enghish a looooot (that's why I will read your blog). Sometimes I will post in Portuguese, Spanish or English in my blog, but if you can, visit me :D


  2. Thank you for subscribing and all the best!

  3. Replies
    1. Hello, thank you for subscribing. Please share with you family and friends. We look forward to sharing food ideas with you and hearing your ideas too.



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