With The Real Housewife of Orange County

I got to be at the premiere party to hear The Real Housewives of Orange County Gretchen's new song- "Revelation"...she introduced it while the DJ played the CD...hmm

Orange County Facts and Figures

- Members of the TongvaJuaneño, and Luiseño Native American groups long inhabited the area

- In 1969, Yorba Linda-born Orange County native Richard Nixon became the 37th President of the United States

- Nearly 30% of the county was created as master planned communities

- The opening scene of Gilligan's Island that shows the S.S. Minnow leaving the harbor was in Newport Beach

-  It is also the setting of the 2003 sitcom Arrested Development. Most of the series was not filmed in Orange County, rather in Culver City and Marina del Rey in Los Angeles County. A running joke in the series that pokes fun at The O.C. is that characters will frequently refer to Orange County as "The O.C.," followed by another character's saying, "Don't call it that" (mirroring the fact that many Orange County residents do not use the term "The O.C.")

- Orange County has long been known as a Republican stronghold and has consistently sent Republican representatives to the state and federal legislatures

Pictured above:  Gretchen Rossi (right), Slade Smiley (left)



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