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Adopt a Horse--Equine Advocates: Deserves a Cookie

Adopt a Horse--Equine Advocates
Pointe Viven - Jesse Bluma. All rights reserved.

I adopted Beau a few years ago.
 Join the saving of horses with Equine Advocates.

"Since 1996, Equine Advocates has helped rescue thousands of horses from slaughter, abuse and neglect. At Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY, we have rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules—and a few other animals too! On the sanctuary grounds, we have an Education Center where visitors of all ages attend seminars, workshops and symposiums on equine issues, care and natural horsemanship. All visitors get to meet our amazing equine residents.

Beau is an unregistered Thoroughbred born in 2003. He, his sire, Clive, and another Thoroughbred, Marty, came to Equine Advocates in 2008 after a ruling in a judicial proceeding where the former owner was charged with animal cruelty for neglect. Beau is doing really well, has put on lots of weight and is very content at the sanctuary with his best pals, Marty (from the same rescue), Jeffrey Mac & Connor.

Equine Advocates is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) equine protection organization which I founded in 1996 after rescuing my first horse from slaughter. His name was Gandalf. Since that time, we have rescued thousands of equines, including horses, ponies, donkeys and mules from slaughter, abuse and neglect. We have grown significantly over the years with our very energetic and compassionate staff. We have done a great deal, but there is still much to be accomplished."

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