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Cookies for Kenya: The Bridge of Life Foundation

Cookies for Kenya:  The Bridge of Life Foundation

Our Mission
The Bridge of Life Foundation is a community based organization committed to the youth of Kenya, Africa. We provide support, services, and activities for children in great need, including school supplies, soccer camps, and mentoring.  Our story begins in Nairobi, Kenya.  This Green City in the Sun has a rich culture and the mentors and staff of the foundation are working to ensure a brighter future for all children.  Children without homes, disease, drugs, lack of food, in poverty, pain, abuse, and without education.  That is the scene and where we work to meet the youth of Kenya, providing mentorship, an opportunity for education, sports activities, and life skills.  

Our Impact
The Bridge of Life Foundation is making an an excellent impact in the lives of children.  The success and progression of the foundation is due to our commitment, focus, and dedication.  Meeting youth on the streets and offering them sports activities, a home in a classroom, and the power of a mentor coaching them along in life.  The work extends to social media where we are bringing news and actionable information to an international audience.  We are also working on steps to achieve our future goals in an exciting and powerful way.  These objectives include further mentorship programs in schools, a weekend sports program, and obtaining international interns.  I thank you for your support, commitment, and work.

Your Generosity 
Cookies are always an excellent present for your next holiday, birthday, meeting, or event.  Click on the link to send organic, fresh-baked cookies.  100% of the profits fund the Bridge of Life Foundation.  Click here to purchase from April 11 through July 24.


Jesse Bluma
Bridge of Life Foundation president
Phone 0712919548
Community Based Organization Registration Number DAGSHG54/2013 (1864)

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