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What Other Profession Has a Target On Its Back?

What Other Profession Has a Target On Its Back?

Did you see this about school teachers?  The author of the article sparks food for thought.  Why is this cycle of culture wars and political ping pong hard to break?  It is not easy for politicians to negatively criticize the same people they wish to get votes from for election.  That goes for presidents, school board members, state assemblymen, ministers, and others.  It is far easier to blame state test results on too many bad teachers than to hold up a mirror to society.

What Other Profession Has a Target On Its Back?

"In what other profession, indeed.

In what other profession are the licensed professionals considered the LEAST knowledgeable about the job? You seldom if ever hear 'that guy couldn’t possibly know a thing about law enforcement – he’s a police officer', or 'she can’t be trusted talking about fire safety – she’s a firefighter.'  But look around.  You’ll find droves of armchair educators who summarily dismiss any statement about education when it comes from a teacher. 

And if teachers dare ask for a raise, this is taken by many as clear evidence that teachers don’t give a porcupine’s posterior about kids.  In fact, some say if teachers really cared about their students they would insist on earning LESS money.  If that entire attitude weren’t bad enough, what other profession is legally held to PERFECTION...?  Are police required to eliminate all crime? 

If a poverty-stricken, drug-addled meth-cooker burns down his house, suffers third degree burns, and then goes to jail; we don’t blame the police, fire department, doctors, and defense attorneys for his predicament. But if that kid doesn’t graduate high school, it’s clearly the teacher’s fault." -David Rober

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