Christmas Tree Brownies by Jesse Bluma

Christmas Tree Brownies

It was Christmas and my birthday, although
it was not December.  As a young child my
mother asked me what kind of cake I would
like for my birthday.  If my memory is correct,
I immediately explained that I wanted a
Christmas in July cake complete with Santa,
his sleigh, reindeer, and the North Pole.  
She was unsure of whether the request could
 be fulfilled, yet found a way to make it herself
 or ordered it from the bakery down the

On the day of my birthday the cake was placed
on the picnic table on the back patio.  My eyes 
filled with excitement.  The party had not started
yet, so my cousin and I played in the backyard
until it was time.  As all little kids find it
painful to wait, I maneuvered under the picnic
table and slyly swiped a dollop of frosting 
(or two or three or four) from the edges of
the cake.   

The Christmas tree brownies above
remind me of that birthday.

The folklore of the Christmas tree 
dates back to the halcyon days of 
the Renaissance in Germany.  These 
chocolate brownies continue the 
celebration.  Made with quality cocoa 
and decorated with soft candy bulbs, 
a gummy tree topper, and green 
frosting created with a natural colorant 
derived from edible plants.  This brownie 
recipe does not contain nuts.  A great
way to celebrate the holiday all year.
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