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State Senator Bob Huff: Education Wolf (Page 4:4) by Jesse Bluma

 State Senator Bob Huff:  Education Wolf (Page 4:4)

support of Common Core, “We support these new, tougher academic standards that are currently being rolled out in classrooms across the country. These standards will better prepare students for college and the workplace, something of critical importance to the nation’s employers. The changes now under way in America’s schools hold great promise for creating a more highly skilled workforce that is better equipped to meet the needs of local, state and national economies.”  Eli Lily is also a member of the Business Roundtable, that also supports CCSS.  Now I bet you can guess something else about Huff’s campaign contributors.  His second largest donor was State Farm Insurance, another Business Roundtable member and supporter of Common Core.  

As we can all imagine the money trail does not stop there.  General Electric has invested $18 million in David Coleman to promote Common Core, last year spent $4,638,436 on political contributions, and $21,200,000 on lobbying.  Among GE’s recipients were Mitt Romney, the Republican Governors Association, Democratic Governors Association, President Obama, and State Senator Bob Huff.  Walmart’s Walton Family Foundation is another direct proponent of Common Core, funding among other education entities Education Reform Now, Inc.  Also a donor to Huff.  Walmart too.  The Walton family, of Walmart, and other elite figures have the ability to directly influence the education system, as well as profit from Common Core materials sold in their stores.  Also funding Bob Huff is EdVoice, a major proponent of Common Core in California.  Standing with Huff is State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, whose campaign donors include those making profits off Common Core.  For example, founder Steven Markoff.   

As Pearson and other edu-corporations have monopolized the education system with the aid of politicians, smart planning is essential.  It is, especially now, crucial to hold on to older sets of textbooks.  This has always been a good idea as previous textbooks have lessons ideas and alternate versions of material.  In case Common Core textbooks are substandard, the old textbooks will be valuable.  Also, as textbooks go on to devices the publisher may deny access to the textbook once an adoption period ends.  In that case, teachers and their students may loose access to the textbook and ancillary materials.  Hardcover textbooks and workbooks will become valuable tools.   

If we take the lesson of the story, we must build and maintain a strong house.  One made of brick.  We as voters, teachers, parents, and students must be proactive and demonstrate our great accomplishments and strides.  We must not let false statements slide on television shows, news articles, or social media.  We must think thoughtfully about what is being said and by whom.  Each of us must take a moment to research claims made by politicians and edu-celebrities.  We must liberate ourselves of and from politicians and elites that do not value the truth, our opinions, employees, students, the present, and future.  We must remain diligent and responsible in what we do, say, and how we respond to huffing and puffing.   


Photo Credit:
The Irony of Democracy By Thomas R. Dye, Louis Schubert, Harmon Zeigler

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