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Up to Us: How to Solve Our National Debt Challenges

Up to Us:  How to Solve Our National Debt Challenges 

Up to Us is a strong movement at universities.  The initiative has ignited many students and others to join in to provide ideas and real action to take to improve fiscal matters within our government.  How to control spending and taxation is an essential topic for us all, as the effects of runaway spending and taxes ripple through our lives and futures.  Liberating ourselves from bad spending habits and bad politicians is the challenge.        

"Up to Us is a nationwide campus competition that engages students in building a movement to address our federal government's long-term fiscal and economic challenges.

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) is very excited to be participating in the Up to Us competition.  Our team is comprised of five members from various student organizations including the Associated Student Government, the Lobby Corps Committee, and the Economics Association, which is the fountainhead for this competition.  CSUF is looking forward to raising awareness about the long-term U.S. federal debt, as it is an issue that affects everyone, especially the younger generations.

The federal government has been fiscally irresponsible for too long, and you know who will have to pay for it?  We will.  CSUF Up To Us has come to realize that many students don’t really know how the federal debt affects them.  'They should know that just being involved, educating themselves, showing that they’re interested in this it does make a big change.. it changes that mindset and that attitude, because in ten years we are going to be the ones running this country,'  Bita Kianian said."

Please add your comments to share your fiscal ideas.

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