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The Spotlight Campaign: Honor by Jesse Bluma

The Spotlight Campaign:  Honor


Our ideas, our creations, our spirit, and our great actions have always been key.  I know what it’s like to create something, the hard work it takes to accomplish goals, and to stand with others.  I know with my readers we share an elevated approach to food, information, and inspiration.  Liberating food and taste is the mission.  It is a holistic approach to living well and freeing our taste in food and much more.  Pointe Viven reflects my spirit and its clients.  It is a dynamic community of liberating food and taste.

 Over the years it has been terrific to meet, spotlight, and feature creators, doers, and inspirational figures.  I know no matter where I am, where I visit, and with whom I meet I will learn something and be re-energized by their endeavors.  Each month join me in spotlighting the famous, the not so famous, the local celebrities, and those you believe have earned a thank you, a congratulations, and the recognition.

Each month a new theme will be chosen, so be thinking of those people you know exhibit the traits.  Often the trait is something not so measurable, rather it is shown through the mundane, certain instances, and moments that surprise you.  This is your opportunity to join me and take part in the campaign.

In September we celebrated great creativity.  Those that exhibit a good sense of vision, those that inspire others, and give us something meaningful to consider.  Individuals making great strides in liberating their lives and the lives of others through the creative spirit.

October:  This month we are spotlighting honor.  We are looking for those that exhibit just actions, fine character in relationships, and intuition for the truth.  An honorable temperament is vastly powerful, although it can be unseen.  Honor is often the reputation one builds through dignified and kind acts, gestures, and placing others before oneself.  An honorable attitude and approach to life requires thinking how others will feel about your actions or words.  It requires the courage to face your failings, often to apologize, and work to make amends.  

Honor can at times be bold, garner tremendous attention, and predicate further opportunity to make life better for oneself and others socially, politically, in business, families, and friendships.  Additionally, honor conjures up thoughts of gentlemen, chivalry, and proper ladies.  This is where intuition for the truth is the mark of honorable individuals.  Those that are conscious of posterity, conscious of the social capital they are building, conscious of their power and strength to make their own day or another person’s day a bit brighter.  These qualities are admired and attract others with a similar approach to life.  

The opposite is true as well.  Dishonorable behavior, lack of respect for oneself or others, and disregard for others ultimately pushes the honorable away while attracting the unjust, the unkind, and shallow.  As we look for the honorable we look for great strides in small instances and epic tales, while understanding the honorable are not always perfect.  They are not pushovers or passive.  The honorable are rather assertive, rich in gifts, and adventurous souls. 

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