A Chat with Nancy Fuller over Pecan Cream Cheese Pie

A Chat with Nancy Fuller over Pecan Cream Cheese Pie

Smooth.  Tangy.  Sweet.  Cream cheese is a high fat cow’s milk with an infinite amount of uses.  Pie is one of the delicious ways to enjoy this decadent, fresh cheese.  

Nancy demonstrated how to make a version of pecan cream cheese pie for a holiday bake off.  The recipe was submitted by a viewer, Tara Dizzle, for Nancy to make.  Fuller has extensive culinary experience as a chef, caterer, and food program host.  Which is why you may be very familiar with her.

While Nancy instructed how to make the pecan cream cheese pie I inquired if it would be possible to make mini pies with the recipe, rather than one large pie.  Nancy assured me, “Yes.  Just cut the cooking time down”.  

The pecan layer includes chopped pecans, salt, light corn syrup, firmly packed brown sugar, unsalted butter.  While the cream cheese layer includes cream cheese, one egg, sugar, and vanilla.  I would consider making mini pies using this recipe and experiment with various worlds of flavors from fruits, sweeteners, and layers of chocolate ganache.  The options are extensive and by creating mini pies introduces room for various zesty, chocolatey, and nuanced flavors.    

For the complete recipe go to fullerfarmer.com/fbbakeoff-2015.

“Nancy Fuller Ginsberg, Corporate Vice President of Ginsberg's Food has interest in the finances, business planning, research and development and marketing of said company.  Ginsberg was the President and CEO of her premier catering company in Columbia County for 25 years.  She owned dairy farms, numerous rental properties, restored historic homes and dealt in antiques and design for many years.  Ginsberg attended Santa Ana College in Santa Ana, California after graduating from Buxton School in Williamstown, Massachusetts. She raised six children and has thirteen grandchildren and resides in Claverack, New York and Delray Beach, Florida.”

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Credits:  ginsbergs.com, facebook.com/farmhouserules

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