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Pointe Viven Visualizations

Pointe Viven Visualizations

 This is an excellent discovery.  Many Eyes is a visual maker.  There are several unique ways to use this tool.  IBM describes it as "the power of human visual intelligence".

Many Eyes has many applications for teachersstudentsbusinessesorganizations, and more.  Teachers and students familiar with Wordle may prefer Many Eyes as it allows for more customization, descriptions, and options.  The cloud visualization above is an example of one of the kinds of visualizations you can make with Many Eyes.  The most frequent words are portrayed with larger font.

After reading the directions and playing around a bit with the Many Eyes website you will learn how to exactly utilize all the options.  The first basic step is to choose data or words you wish to input, such as a passage from a novel, a speech, or statistics.  The second step is to select how you want the data or words to display, as a cloud or net.  After that you will need to provide a title and other descriptive information for your visualization.  

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