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Which Oatmeal is Best?: Mom's Best v. Quaker Oats

Which Oatmeal is Best?
Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven. All rights reserved.

Quaker is the staple.  The company 
produces a good product with a 
consistent flavor and texture.  
This oatmeal lives up to its mascot, 
projecting the values of "honesty, 
integrity, purity, and strength."  

Quakers are a branch of the Anabaptist 

Church.  It began in England in the 
late 1600s, within social discontent for 
the established church and the 
execution of the king.  George Fox, the 
main founder of Quakerism, was sure 
it was possible to have a direct 
relationship with Jesus without 
priests.  One important variation 
between Quakers and Protestants is 
the idea that God's word is in 
scripture; instead, Quakers 
believe Jesus is the Word.  Okay,
school lesson over. 

If you are looking to
liberate those taste
 buds and  vary which
 oatmeals you eat, give
 Mom's Best a chance.  
 Mom's Best is family
 owned and strives to
 deliver a natural product. 
This is an excellent 
oatmeal with a deeper, 
nuttier flavor.  
 "Made from whole grain oats for a healthy and delicious breakfast cereal.  Breakfast cereal is all we make.  We use only the highest quality ingredients.  There’s nothing artificial,  no  added saturated fat or hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup."

Oatmeal is a very useful grain.
The slow cooked oatmeal
is best for nutrition,
although quick oats can
be a healthier choice
for breakfast than many
other options. Even better...
late night oatmeal.  

Some Other Uses for Oatmeal

1. Cookies.

2. Odor absorber in the refrigerator (one cup).

3. Soothe pet skin in an oatmeal bath (two cups).

5. Musical instrument: fill an empty oatmeal
cylinder with 1 cup dried beans, glue or tape the
lid on the top. Not for babies and children that
are too young.

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