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Saint Patrick's Golden Cookies by Jesse Bluma

Saint Patrick's Golden Cookies 

These cookie sandwiches are married together with dollops of high quality chocolate and brushed with golden pearl dust. Enjoy the cookies that are classically European, shaped like diamonds and fans. 

Who was Patrick?

We do not know a lot about Patrick.  History does tell us he was born into a wealthy family in Roman Britain.  He was kidnapped in his teens and taken to Ireland to work as a slave.  He escaped; however, later returned to Ireland with a calling.  He spread Christianity with the aid of shamrocks to explain the Trinity.  

Looking for that special treat for your young ones to find at the end of a rainbow?  Trace and cut out thirty small shoe prints, tape them on the floor, walls, and ceiling leading to these golden cookies.  You, your kids, party guests, co-workers, or students will enjoy.

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