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Deserves a Cookie Award: Woman overcomes total memory loss to graduate from college

Woman Overcomes Total Memory Loss to Graduate from College

The personal stories of triumph, hard work, and genuine achievement do not always make headline news.  Yet, we take notice when a person is able to break through the minutiae of what often constitutes news.  Su Meck is one of those rare individuals that makes us take genuine notice.

"Going back to school as an adult is scary for anyone.  Meck, a homemaker and former aerobics instructor from Gaithersburg, Maryland, had a very special reason to be apprehensive.  She suffered total memory loss at the age of 22 when a ceiling fan fell on her head as she was cooking, leaving her in a coma with a brain full of cracks.  When she came to, she remembered nothing about her past, and had the mental capacity of a young child."

Su Meck was able to attend college and graduate, despite this horrible event.  

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Credit:  Yahoo.Com

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