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New Cooking Shows This Fall by Jesse Bluma

New Cooking Shows This Fall

The Chew
 Debuts Monday, September 26 on ABC
About two years ago I talked with Danny Boome about his cooking classes.  He was just as genuine as he is on TV. Now Chef Danny Boome and designer Evette Rios will report on cooking, entertaining, food trends, restaurants, and holidays for a new show on ABC.  You might remember Boome as the Food Network’s Rescue Chef

Not new, still worth watching.  The cast from America's Test Kitchen teamed with Cook's Country to make classic American meals.  The show demonstrates the importance of food in America, its origins, and how to make new and better versions.  Each episode also has a blind taste test, a great way to compare what you think to the studio audience and the show cooks.

Cupcake Wars is a returning fan favorite.  The host, Justin Willman hosts several other shows and has a one-man magic act.  Willman also toured with singer Jason Mraz in a modern vaudeville show.  The two permanent judges on Cupcake Wars are Candace Nelson (of Sprinkles Cupcakes) and Florian Bellanger (of MadMac).

"I am proud to announce that I am in Italy right now, filming a new series David Rocco's Amalfi Getaway, which is set to air sometime early next year!! I'll be posting daily updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages about the shoot and maybe share a recipe or two!! Thank you so much everyone for your overwhelming support!  A presto!  (
His other show, ROCCO'S DOLCE VITA, begins a new season on October 2

Emeril Lagasse's new show Emeri's Table will debut Monday, September 26th at 11:00 A.M. (10:00 C)  on the Hallmark Channel.
"Food brings us all a little closer together and I hope that as we're gathering around my table each day everyone will invite us in to their kitchens and be inspired to cook along," Lagasse said of his new show.

One of my favorites.  Debi Mazar (actress) and husband, Gabriele Corcos (from Italy), star in Extra Virgin.  The setting of the show varies from their home in Californian to the Corcos' olive estate in Tuscany.  Plans are in talks for them to produce olive oil and other olive products.  

What show doesn't have Gordon Ramsay?  Gordon stars in both UK and American shows.  The F Word (hybrid competition, cooking, travel show), Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (BBC), Kitchen Nightmares (USA), and a few others. 

The new star of the Food Network:  Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro.

Lisa Lillien, Hungry Girl, has a big online following and TV show on The Cooking Channel.  Lillien will now have a show on the Food Network.  Hungry Girl gives the audience healthier options and substitutions.!/hungrygirl

Lucinda Scala Quinn:  She started last year and has become a favorite of mine.  Her sons are also good cooks and join her on some episodes.

Martha Stewart will star in Martha Bakes for its second season, as well as for another season of The Martha Stewart Show.  Martha said, "This has always been a passion project for me and to be able to continue offering this incredible curriculum to our viewers is very satisfying. This second season tutorial is quite expansive and features recipes that are near and dear to my heart." (  The Martha Bakes program is a return to Martha's show earlier in her career, just her and the camera.  The new season begins September 26, Mondays at 11:30 a.m. ET/10:30 a.m. Central.

Nigella Lawson, host of Nigella Feasts and Nigella Express.  Many of her ideas are for leftovers and indulging your appetite.  Nigella has a way with words, so break out your thesaurus.  She has some great recipes, in fact I purchased her cookbook Nigella Express.

From online writer to cooking show, The Pioneer Woman.
"My cooking show will premiere on Food Network on Saturday, August 27th at 11:30 Eastern Time/10:30 Central time. It’s part of their fall lineup of Saturday morning cooking shows, and will feature lots of good grub. In addition to the food, though, there’ll also be glimpses into our life on the ranch: the cattle, the horses, the kids, the cowboys…and the occasional Basset Hound for comic relief."--Ree Drummond.

Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri celebrate a new cooking show for the Food Network. Picture Dancing with the Stars meets Iron Chef.  I think NBC attempted this a couple years ago.

Don't be intimidated, tough love takes awhile to grow on you.  Chef Robert Irvine started as a cook in the Royal Navy as a teen.  Irvine stars in the restaurant make-over show, Restaurant: Impossible.

The Cupcake Girls:  Two of the original creators of the cupcake craze.  Heather White and Lori Joyce are best friends and opened their first cupcake shop together in Victoria, BC in 2002.  The show gives a more reality, behind the scenes, view of owning and running a business.

"There're three things that I love: food, comedy and rock 'n' roll. The Web gave me the creative freedom to combine all three into Bitchin' Kitchen. We launched the webisodes online in 2007, they were a huge hit! I guess the food community was hungry for something a little less vanilla. As our popularity grew, it provided us with a solid proof of concept for the TV networks. In October 2010 we launched on Cooking Channel, making me the first woman to go from Net to Network, and the rest is herstory.
"--Nadia G.  (

A new show by a journalist from The New York Times.  Mark Bittman has edited cookbooks, writes for a newspaper, and has his own successful website with videos, recipes, and articles.

How can you resist?  The show still airs and focused on Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, travelling the United Kingdom on a motorcycle.  These two were not afraid of salt, butter, or fat.  Clarissa passed away in 1998 of lung cancer.

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