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What to do in a Power Outage

What to do in a Power Outage 

On September 8, I came home to find no power, no electricity for lights, cooking, or street lights to drive at night.  Representatives for San Diego Gas and Electric explained that the outage was due to an error at a substation in Arizona.  If caught in an electrical outage make the most of it, maybe it is time to evaluate what is important and truly necessary.  Serious injuries excluded, a power outage for a day is not the most horrible event in the world.   

"The following are some suggested supplies to have on hand in case of an outage or other emergency:
Battery-powered emergency lighting (or flashlights, at a minimum);
Portable or battery-powered radio;
Wind-up or battery-powered clock;
Nonperishable foods and water (including a manual can opener);
First aid kit; and
Telephone that does not depend on electricity."

I was prepared for the outage with my emergency kit, see here.

The absence of street and building lights allowed for a good view of a real night sky at the beach.

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