BUZZBREWS Kitchen: Review

BUZZBREWS Kitchen:  Review
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Breakfast at night?  Count me in for that.  BUZZBREWS offers a menu of options including breakfast, salads, proteins, and Mexican dishes 24 hours a day.  If you are traveling through town and need a place to refuel or you're in town and need a late night meal, this is the place.  Organic, fresh, and healthier meal options are not popular yet in Texas.  Perhaps BUZZBREWS will lead the way.  

I love crepes and enjoyed their riff on making them savory with the "French Connection".  This included two crepes stuffed with grilled chicken, tomato, button and portabella mushrooms, spinach, Anaheim peppers, poblano cream sauce, feta and cheddar cheese, served with garlic marbles.  (see photo above)

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