Sharone Hakman: Hansik Holiday Festival

Sharone Hakman:  Hansik Holiday Festival
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 Familiar with Korean food?  If not, then you can bridge the gap through barbeque.  I attended the 
first ever Hansik Holiday Festival at the Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles.  It was hosted by Cathlyn
Choi, you may know her from Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen on PBS.  The event featured Korean music, food samplings, and cooking demonstrations.  I found out about the event through Sharon Hakman.  

He demonstrated how to make a few dishes at the event.  For one dish he tossed out a some chestnuts;   I got one and cracked it open for him to cook.  Sharone has a bbq sauce that he used to marinate the beef.  He made some flavorful food to sample.  Not sure of the recipes yet, Sharone did tell me he would get the recipes out.  When he does I will pass those along.  He also mentioned to me that he will be doing more cooking classes across the country.  Look for him in your city.

Sharone Hakman
"Life is short, eat it up!"

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