Obama in hot water over shark fin soup

Obama in hot water over shark fin soup

Did you see the story below in the news?

Sharks are large fish within a diverse species of over 400 and were first known as "sea dogs".  The fins on sharks are made of protein similar to that of keratin, familiar to most people in hair and feathers.

Obama's visit to a restaurant that serves shark fin soup brings up a good point.  How much responsibility do politicians (or anyone else) have in knowing the items sold at a restaurant?     

Obama in hot water over shark fin soup

"It was the sort of visit made for cameras, but President Barack Obama's stop at a Chinese restaurant came under scrutiny on Friday after the menu showed that it served shark fin.
Obama, in San Francisco for fund-raisers, on Thursday surprised and delighted lunch-time diners with a surprise stop at a restaurant in Chinatown. He posed for pictures and paid in cash for two bags of take-out food.

But a look at the menu of the restaurant, Great Eastern, showed that it offered soup from shark fin, a Chinese delicacy that environmentalists say is pushing the ancient fish to the point of extinction."

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