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Power-FUL Herbalife Review by Jesse Bluma

Power-FUL Review

Update:  Power-FUL has changed to Club Elevate

If you are looking to do something new, check out Power-FUL, a nutrition smoothie store offering a variety of flavors and drinks.  The drinks are made from Herbalife products.  Power-FUL offers prepaid plans for agave water, tea, and smoothies.   There are various pre-paid plans from which to choose.  I selected the three day (which is really a three visit) plan.  

Upon arrival you will receive an order ticket to select the flavor and temperature of your tea.  You will also select your flavor of smoothie.  The cashier will give you a shot size cup of aloe water to start, then your tea (I liked the lemon the best), and then your smoothie (the smoothies are light is flavor, do not expect a bold blast of flavor as with a dessert shake).  

Nutritional smoothies and other powdered products are not really something I do, although Power-FUL does offer something new to do for various amounts of time.  One of the unique free services offered at Power-FUL is a body analysis.  My Power-FUL "coach" explained my results, all excellent for weight, body fat, metabolism, et cetera.  She explained that I've got the health of a sixteen year old.  The best numbers she had seen.


"We are a hip place with music and a fun vibe where members of the community can come to receive a complete healthy meal, a free wellness profile, and education on proper nutrition. Come see us today! We offer Bootcamps, Walking/Hiking, Nutrition Knowledge, Weight Loss Challenges, !! 

General Information 
We have free WiFi and comfortable seating to meet and greet friends or make new like minded friends interested in eating healthy and learning more about fitness. Join us you will be glad you did."

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 Note: All information is of a general nature and is furnished only for education.  See a doctor or medical professional for your own personal fitness advice.  Use of this information is at your own risk in regard to any losses, liabilities, injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims.


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