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Uses for a P-Touch: Label Your Cell Phone and More by Jesse Bluma

Uses for a P-Touch

The P-Touch 1880 Deluxe Home and Office Labeler is a terrific home and office gadget.  This model has two fonts, LCD display, built-in memory, "Preview" key, 18mm wide laminated indoor/outdoor tape, six type sizes, nine type styles, seventy symbols, ten frame styles, and operates on AA batteries or an AC Adapter.  Brother started in Japan as a sewing machine company and opened business in America in 1954.  The company offers a variety of P-Touch labelers.

Why get a P-Touch?  The P-Touch gives you professional looking labels for business, helps with organization, and the optional large size font makes reading easier for children and those with poor eye sight.  The following is a list of specific uses that might help you.

1.  Label your cell phone in case it is lost or stolen.
2.  Label freezer bags with the contents and date.
3.  Label classroom items:  folders, trays, cabinets, books, and sports equipment.
4.  Label the wires and cables of your TV, computer, and other electronics.
5.  Label work and home files.
6.  Label storage boxes for holiday decorations.
7.  Label your suitcase and travel backpack.
8.  Label kitchen cabinet shelves to organize foodstuffs and medications up high.
9.  Label bathroom shelves and storage to keep items organized.
10.  Label tool boxes and cabinets.
11.  Label family heirlooms and antique items with tags of their origins and background.
12.  Label car parts under the hood.   No more need to guess where the oil goes.
13.  Label reminders:  turing off lights, hand washing, drop-offs, etc.
14.  Label toys and games for children.
15.  Label remote controls.

Please post your ideas below.

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