How to Create a Bank of Social Media Posts by Jesse Bluma

How to Create a Bank of Social Media Posts 

Reading items online we often get outraged, inspired, appalled, animated, and enthusiastic.  Certain topics related to our culture, media, politics, sports, food, et cetera are triggers for responses.  It is important to keep in mind that social media sites are for communication and sharing.  As an involved citizen it is important to develop a reputation that you are an expert and professional.  

Having a bank of pre-written posts is useful in easily and quickly responding to others, rather than having to recreate statements over and over.  An advantage to typing your statements is the ability to copy and paste them at any future time.  A bank of posts that are of high quality is your armor in political and social discourse.  

The Keynote below will guide you through successfully creating a bank of social media posts of your own.

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