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Teacher Show and Tell Saturdays: #TeacherShowandTellSaturdays

Teacher Show and Tell Saturdays 

About the Initiative

Teacher Show and Tell Saturdays originated from the desire to celebrate and honor excellent teaching and learning that takes place every day.  Learning and growth ignites through great teacher-student relationships founded upon respect for each other, mutual curiosity about learning, and great effort on both parts.  The other significant key is the school-parent connection.  The more we share and promote the excitement of learning, the payoff of hard work, and the value of strong parent partnerships, the more we celebrate and bring to the forefront the tasks teachers do each day in classrooms.  The more we then know about the effective and masterful individuals we call teachers.  

An effective teacher is one that recognizes, applies, and role models a good attitude.  A good attitude is essential to growing and learning.  Masterful teachers have in place procedures before the first day of school to create a climate students want to learn in and one students understand how works.  Dr. Harry Wong explained it well in The First Days of School, "Teachers who know how to achieve student success employ effective practices. These teachers know how to manage their classroom, they teach for mastery."  Teacher Show and Tell Saturdays is an opportunity to share great ideas, your achievements, and demonstrates the fallacy that edu-celebrities, politicians, and edu-corporations know best.

How It Works

Teacher Show and Tell Saturdays is for all teachers, all grade levels, college, trade schools, military academies, home schools, and Sunday schools.

1.  Mark your calendar on each Saturday with a reminder.

2.  Snap a photo of a student project, a lesson plan, classroom bulletin board, craft, diorama, stack of papers that need correcting, enrichment activity, progress chart,  etc.

3.  Each Saturday post a photo of your work with a caption on all your social media sites.  This is a positive celebration and sharing of all the great things going on in your classroom.  Keep the caption short and sweet.   Use the hashtag #TeacherShowandTellSaturdays.

For example

"#TeacherShowandTellSaturdays:  We enjoyed this science activity."

4.  Encourage your colleagues to share too.

The Legals

1.  Follow the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and/or other laws and regulations in your community, school district, school, and contract.

2.  Images are to depict your work or the great work of a teacher you know.  Do not include the faces of minors or others that do not want to be photographed.

3.  Follow all copyright, patent, and trademark laws and regulations.

4.  You may wish to watermark or copyright your images to protect them as yours.

Thank you for participating,

Jesse Bluma

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