Private Cooking and Baking by Jesse Bluma

Private Cooking and Baking by Jesse Bluma 

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.  A private cooking experience includes a collaboration, discussion, and approval of menu items, such as Baked Goods, Latin, Italian, Vegetarian, Sports Nutrition, and Holistic.  After menu item approval groceries will be purchased and the meal prepared in your home.  

This in-home experience allows for family dining time, customized meals, and an excellent time with food.

 For the best experience here are a few tips and reminders.

First, it is important to communicate what you are looking for, what you don't like, and ideas you have seen.  Good communication, especially good listening, is key to a successful experience.

Next, it is essential we discuss the mood, feeling, and what you envision.  Formal, beachy elegant, Latin, et cetera.

After committing to a concept a price point will be determined based upon the number of items and other necessities.

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