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Jesse's Hot Dog Recipe

Inspiration for these hot dogs comes from a visit back to Pink's in Hollywood.  Pink's is a famous hot dog stand, maybe the most famous.  The original is located on La Brea and Melrose-- get there early on a Friday or Saturday night.  I am pleased to say that Foodie in Disguise liked this recipe.


Turkey hot dogs
Turkey bacon
white onion
1 organic lemon
1 large organic tomato
Sauerkraut (Flanagan brand)
Cottage cheese
Plain Greek yogurt
*Grilled hot dog buns on both sides


1.  Preheat oven to broil.  Or you may wish to grill the hot dogs.

2.  Wrap turkey dogs with turkey bacon.

3.  Broil wrapped hot dogs for approximately 5 minutes-- do not use a glass baking dish.

4.  Peel and dice white onion.

5.  Wash, dry, and juice lemon.  You may wish to zest the lemon after washing and reserve the zest for another recipe.  

6.  Mix the diced white onion with two tablespoons lemon juice.  

7.  Wash, dry, and dice tomato.

8.  "Sour cream":  blend until well incorporated equal parts cottage cheese and plain Greek yogurt, plus one tablespoon lemon juice.

9.  Use oven mitts to remove hot dogs from the oven.

10.  Top hot dogs with sauerkraut, onion, tomato, relish, and "sour cream".  

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