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Edible Seascape by Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven

Edible Seascape 

This dish is one for kids and the kids at heart.  A few variations:  keep the cottage cheese white for a crisp sea foam look or use blue food coloring to create an ocean.  If you are serving cocktails or having a beer tasting, guests can garnish with their choice of items from the platter.  The edible seascape is a child friendly way of creating a teachable moment with ocean and scientific terms and concepts.  


1 organic banana
1 large organic honeydew tangerine (plus its zest)
1 large organic green apple
1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese (look for a brand that does not contain a lot of sugar, corn syrup, sodium, etc.)
blue food coloring (optional)
1 organic pineapple
1 organic lemon (plus its zest)


1.  Look for fruits from the grocery store or other sources such as your own trees that are ripe and without bruises.  Smell the pineapple to ensure it has a good aroma, if it does not have a pineapple smell then it is probably not ripe.  

2.  Measure out 1/2 cup cottage cheese.  

3.  Place the cottage cheese into a stainer.  

(Optional ocean effect:  Stir in 2 drops blue food coloring after you have strained the cottage cheese of water.)

4.  Rinse the honeydew tangerine, green apple, pineapple, and lemon, then pat the fruit dry.

5.  Dice one cup of pineapple into 1/4" cubes.  Slice pieces the same size to keep them uniform.  

6.  Place the cubed pineapple in a colander or stainer, we want to reduce the water content from affecting the edible seascape.  (Not the same colander or stainer as the cottage cheese.) 

7.  Zest the honeydew tangerine and set the zest aside on a dish.

8.  Slice the honeydew tangerine, trimming and cutting into neat segments.  Discard any seeds. 

9.  Place the honeydew tangerine segments into the colander with the pineapple.   

10.  Wait 15-20 minutes for pineapple and honeydew tangerine to strain.

11.  Zest the lemon and set aside with the honeydew tangerine zest.  

12.  Slice the green apple, trimming and cutting into thin half moon shapes.  

13.  Squeeze juice from the lemon on the apple slices, this will help to keep them from quickly browning and will add flavor. 

14.  Wait until the last minute for the banana.  Peel the banana, brush with juice from the lemon, then cut into about 7 crosswise sections.  

15.  Arrange the banana slices vertically on the platter to act as the trunk of the palm tree. 

16.  Arrange the green apple slices at the top end of the banana to act as the palm fronds.  

17.  Arrange the pineapple horizontally at the bottom on the platter to act as the beach sand.

18.  Sprinkle a small amount of the honeydew tangerine zest and lemon zest on the pineapple cubes.  

19.  Arrange the honeydew tangerine segments horizontally above the pineapple cubes to act at the shoreline.  

20.  Spoon a the cottage cheese horizontally above the honeydew tangerines to act as the sea foam or water.  

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