Jesse's Lemon Infused Vodka Recipe

When thinking of gifts for friends, relatives, and neighbors I am always looking for something unusual.  This Christmas and New Year's season I made lemon infused vodka.  This project was fun to make and definitely liberates food and taste.  Include some cookies with these gifts and you are sure to please!


- Organic Eureka lemons, washed and sliced lengthwise into eighths

- Organic Meyer lemons, washed and sliced lengthwise into eighths 

- Quality vodka (Ketel One)


Pack lemons into a large clean glass jar. 
Pour vodka over the top to cover. 
Seal with the lid. 
Place in a cool dark spot for 3-4 weeks. 
Strain the vodka into a mason jar, a metal coffee filter works well.  
Screw on the mason jar lid, add a bow and gift tag.  

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