Saturday, January 2, 2010

Succulents or Space Creatures? by Jesse Bluma

Succulents or Space Creatures?

This succulent display was a gift to me.  Succulents are a great weekend project, are interesting to learn about, and make a thoughtful present.  Their interesting shapes make them look like space aliens on Earth.  These plants come in unusual shapes and shades of green, with some flowering.  Succulents are a good choice for those with limited time for gardening, bachelors, and those in planting zones 3-9.

You can begin your succulent pot from cuttings, using one species or a variety of species.  If you take clippings from a plant, ensure that the tools are sharp and sterile, plant disease can easily spread.  A good professional gardner or arboretum, such as the Fullerton Arboretumcan help you make the most of your propagating.

It is essential to utilize the proper soil for you plants, such as Kellogg Garden Products.  Succulents, palms, cacti, and citrus require a certain moisture level, good drainage, and nutrients.  Organic material, nothing synthetic, is also beneficial to providing the proper medium for plant growth.

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