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7.8 quake could affect 3 of 4 jobs

7.8 quake could affect 3 of 4 jobs

Do you remember the fable "The Ants and the Grasshopper" by Aesop?  It is not only important to be prepared for winter, it is important to be prepared for other acts of nature.

"Quake expert Lucy Jones, chief scientist of the USGS Multi Hazards Project, noted that modern codes were designed to prevent buildings from collapsing and killing people during a major quake. 

'An earthquake won't kill you, but it very well can bankrupt you,' Jones said.

The report estimates 73% of businesses here and 77% of the jobs would be in areas that would get hit with very strong or destructive shaking. The jobs potentially affected represent $47.5 billion in annual payroll."

Water pouches and emergency kits for your home and car are essential items.   It is also important to have an emergency kit at work.  Note:  keep the expiration dates of non-perishable goods, dry goods, and other foods on your calendar.

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