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Should Government Remove Children From Families If They Become Obese?

Should Government Remove Children From Families If They Become Obese?
Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven. All rights reserved.

Did you catch this debate regarding obesity and children?  The concern is at what time, if any, should or must government officials take a child that is obese out of a home.  The removal of minors from family homes is a significant topic, as with "police state" tactics.

"Meme Roth, of the National Action Against Obesity, said without hesitation that enabling obesity constitutes child abuse.  Her counterpart, marriage and family therapist Karen Ruskin disagreed.  'I find it extremely disturbing that in our generation we seek out detachment, that we seek out government, in order to try to take the child out [of the family] instead of treating the unit,' she said.

Perhaps one alternative is for officials with family services to connect parents and their children with doctors, health experts, and wellness information."

Initializing the contact between families and government officials is also of concern.  "If you saw a child that was underfed and you didn’t call CPS (Child Protective Services), that wouldn’t be acceptable,' Roth said.  She argues that it shouldn’t be any different in the case of an overweight minor."

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Credit:  America Live, Martha MacCallum, FoxNews

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