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Las Vegas Tips
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1.  Prior to visiting search for coupons online for food, entertainment, and activities.

2.  Pack a few water bottles in your checked baggage (double seal in freezer bags), whether hot or cold it is important to stay hydrated with all the walking.

3.  Pack as light as you can to avoid airline charges.  I would recommend including clothing for extreme weather for hot and cold, desert temperatures drop at night even during the summer. 

4.  Leave your belt and coins in your carry on luggage.  This will avoid getting you in trouble with airport security.  Upon arrival you can simply put these on yourself.  

5.  Pack hand sanitizer and carry it with you through casinos, shops, and activities.  

6.  Pack disinfectant spray in your carry on luggage.  Yes, that's right.  The first thing I do when arriving at a hotel room is to disinfect all door handles, TV remotes, light switches, floors, bathrooms, etc.  I also make it a common practice at home and on trips to disinfect the bottoms of my shoes, especially before packing them back in my luggage.  

7.  While visiting the city take stairs instead of the escalators.  This will help keep you fit in a city full of gluttony.  

8.  Upon arrival get your luggage and head to ground transportation at the airport.  The quicker the better, you want to hop on a shuttle bus and start your fun sooner than later.  Purchase both your to hotel and from hotel shuttle ticket at the same time to save a bit of money.  One way tickets are more expensive.  

9.  This is Sin City, that does not mean you need to gamble or pig out.  There is plenty to do besides gamle.  Eating a healthy selection of food and drink is necessary to keep your energy up.  

10.  Remember your cell phone etiquette.  Step to the side away from others to talk on the phone.  Talking on the phone in restaurants, on shuttles, or while gambling is rude and opens you up to identity theft and other crimes.  

11.  Save your energy and avoid higher risk of skin cancer.  Wear sunscreen at the pool and while walking.  Doing indoor activities from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. is a great way to do this too.  

12.  You don't have to bring your Midwest, down South politeness.  This is a big city and you need to use your common sense, be proactive with your safety, and be assertive.  Don't stop to chat with the card flickers, costumed characters, or promoters on the sidewalks.  Always walk with someone or make it look like you are walking with someone.  Walk with confidence, no wallet or purse visible.  Carry your wallet in your front pocket.  

13.  I didn't think I would ever have to say this to anyone.  Don't buy french fries for your children at the airport, spread them on the airport carpet, then have them eat them off the floor.  Disgusting, yet true.  I saw this and could not believe it.  

Paris Las Vegas Hotel
You may be surprised to learn that many of the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas are owned by Caesars Entertainment Corporation.  This includes Paris.  After staying at several hotels in Vegas I would say Paris has one of the best locations, walking distance or short taxi ride to many other casinos, shops, clubs, and restaurants.  

When making your reservation ask for a pool view.

Don't worry about booking your return flight for a time right after your check out time.  Take your luggage to the Paris luggage bellmen.  They will hold onto it while you extend your fun and relaxation, please remember to tip.    

Paris to the right

Paris casino

Paris pool with Cosmopolitan on the right

JJ's Boulangerie at Paris
This is an excellent eatery for a slice of pizza late at night.  There are many other food and drink options.  One special tip is to purchase your coffe at JJ's.  Save the cup and you can get free refills during your stay.

JJ's Boulangerie (Paris) on Urbanspoon

JJ's Boulangerie 

Sugar Factory at Paris
If you enjoy candy, an array of desserts, and a good drink then this is the place for you.  I happened to be there when reality TV star Mike Sorrentino made an appearance (AKA The Situation).  The crowd was energized with anticipation, unfortunately many kids and teens were there with their parents.  We wonder why our society has issues?  OK, that's for another discussion.  

Sugar Factory crepe

The Cosmopolitan
If you are looking for a jewel in the desert, then this is your spot.  Clubs, DJs in the casino, and a young crowd all keep The Cosmopolitan pumping.  It is more expensive, so you can still take advantage of the clubs, casino, restaurants, and shops at Cosmo if you stay at another hotel.  If you are looking for that L.A./N.Y. vibe then this is your spot.    

Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood
Named after John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, the inventor of the sandwich.  I really enjoyed the Veggie sandwich made with Feta, Lettuce, Roma Tomatoes, Cucumber, Red Onion, Roasted Red Peppers & Mediterranean Dressing.  The Chicken Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken was also excellent, Field Greens & Romaine, Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Croutons & Classic Caesar Dressing.  The Earl of Sandwich has a good selection of other sandwiches, salads, wraps, and breakfast foods.   

Earl of Sandwich (Planet Hollywood) on Urbanspoon

MGM Grand
This hotel and casino may not be the most recent shiny object in Vegas, it does have some good advantages.  The MGM is not centrally located like Paris; however, it does offer many shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.  The Lion Habitat is one attraction to see during the day.  One tip is to stand under the Plexiglas ceiling of the entrance to the Lion Habitat shop.  You can get an awesome view of lions.  

Nathan's Famous at the MGM
If you look for those coupons online before your trip you will probably find a coupon for a free hot dog at Nathan's.  Nathan's originated in Coney Island, New York and has multiplied across the country.  If you avoid eating frankfurters as a regular meal option, this may be your one time to splurge.   These may not be the best dog you will ever eat, yet they are better than a lot of others and it is a good savings.  

Nathan's on Urbanspoon

New York New York
One eatery I would avoid is at New York New York.  You may come across a coupon for New York Pretzel.  Pass on it.  The cinnamon sugar pretzel I ordered did not taste well cooked and did not have a good flavor.

New York Pretzel Co. on Urbanspoon

Guess who was on my return flight home? 

Bai Ling, actress and tabloid headliner 

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