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All I Want for Christmas...

All I Want for Christmas...BMW 3 Series

Purchasing an automobile is a challenge.  The many brands, designs, and options can be overwhelming.  Here is where my expert knowledge and trusted expertise comes in handy.  Many readers rely on Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven as a source for how-to and where-to regarding product reviews.

Often consumers think a BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works) is out of their price range, and maybe it is for some.  A little comparison shopping and you will probably find yourself nicely surprised.  You might find that you can get the BMW rather than another brand.  The service package is an excellent option, as dealers know how to work on Bimmers (slang pronunciation for BMW).  Most often the customer service is excellent and who can resist free coffee and pastries?  A benefit of purchasing a BMW from a dealer is the option to stop into or call any BMW dealership with any car questions or travel predicaments. 

BMW 3 Series 

- Handling
- Engine power 
- Good fuel-efficiency
- Higher end interior 
- A menu of options and styles 
- Safety
- Comfort
- Designed for drivers of shorter and taller stature 
- Fun to drive

- The 3 Series may not suit a large family
- The horn is a bit far from the circumference of the steering wheel
- Some drivers may prefer the cup holder to be between the front seats, rather than in the dashboard

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