Adam Mendes: Candy Mechanic

Adam Mendes:  Candy Mechanic
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You may recognize Adam Mendes from TV's "Candy Queen", a show about the real life business of The Hollywood Candy Girls owned by Jackie Sorkin.  He is the architect, mechanic, engineer, and production manager of candy displays.  Adam attended Full Sail University, which offers programs for those interested in such fields as computer animation, game development, graphic design, and internet marketing.  He attended Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in Florida, which emphasizes Communication Arts, Dance, Digital Media, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts.  

Adam uses his education and talents to create candy pieces that are edible, move, light up, explode, and rotate.  His craft is not in the typical mediums of paint, clay, or stone.  It's better with such things as licorice, chocolate, jelly beans, and Turkish taffy.  

Maybe he will get schools to offer candy producing as a new class.

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