Chef Thomas Joseph: Cooking as a Career

Chef Thomas Joseph:  Cooking as a Career

Students of mine often inquire about careers I would suggest they consider.  Each year I spend time helping them explore and learn about varying career options from police work to engineering, nursing to teaching, homemaking to clergy, bull riding to home building.

I also have them learn about various colleges and military options.  One field that lights up all their eyes is food.  Food is a large universe that includes restaurants, catering, nutrition, marketing, cooking, reviewing, et cetera.

Thomas Joseph's story is a good one to share for those interested in entering the world of cuisine.  He went to New York University and Johnson and Wales University.  Thomas' career includes being an assistant food stylist for Rescue Chef, working as a freelance food stylist for  the Today show, working as a food stylist for Kraft webisodes, sous chef for the show Simply Ming, and is a T.V. Chef/Food Stylist for Martha Stewart.

His education and work experience illustrates some of the various aspects to working in food and entertainment.

Below is “Coffee Makers Decoded” with Thomas on Kitchen Conundrums.

“Watch as Thomas Joseph shares different ways to make coffee and the tricks and tips you need to know to create a wonderful cup of Joe.”

For Thomas' recipe and video instruction for Clementine Curd Tartlets see

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