Eric Leifer - River Guide and Outfitter - Deserves a Cookie

Eric Leifer - River Guide and Outfitter - Deserves a Cookie
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My slogan for Pointe Viven is "liberating food and taste".  It's a motto we share by those of us interested in living at the highest point, from the foods we make, to information we learn, to what inspires us, and the actions we take that elevate ourselves and each other.

My friend Sandy has a son that embodies this slogan in his explorations.  If you know Sandy, then you know she is an inspiration and probably had a lot to do with her son's achievements.  Eric is Sandy's son pictured above.       

Eric Leifer recently got two grants from National Geographic (Young Explorers Grant, Expeditions Council Grant).  If you want to explore the world you may wish to check into these grants.  "An initial grant from National Geographic helped launch the careers of many of the Society’s, and our planet’s, most renowned explorers. We are committed—as we have been for more than a century—to supporting new generations of archaeologists, anthropologists, astronomers, conservationists, ecologists, geographers, geologists, marine scientists, adventurers, storytellers, and pioneers. Today, Young Explorers grants help cover field project costs for hard-working, passionate, creative individuals with great ideas. We focus on the disciplines we're known for, and also on emerging fields that matter most to understanding—and improving—the world we share."

How did Eric get is start as an explorer?  
"Growing up I was not very creative, honestly. I had fantasies of being a firefighter, astronaut, superhero, and so on. After receiving my first miniature mountain bike I was determined to travel around the world riding my bike. I joined the Boy Scouts shortly afterwards and the idea of being an adventurer and explorer quickly took over. It was a wild dream to begin with. The rest, as they say, is history."

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