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Take the Ten Unknown Foods Quiz by Jesse Bluma

The Ten Unknown Foods Quiz

*  Record your answers and check the answer key at the end of the quiz.

1.  A.  Ambergris or B.  Melon Berry

Hint:  This food is produced in the intestines of whales and is harvested from the surface of the ocean.  

2.  A.  Aronia or B.  Ambergris 

Hint: This berry is high in antioxidants, can be used to make jam, and is not sweet.

3.  A.  Casu Marzu cheese or B.  Paraná pine nut bread

Hint:  This originated from Sardinia and is produced by being left outside where flies lay eggs on it, larvae develop, the larvae develop into maggots and digest this food into a soft Pecorino.

4.  A.  Chayote or B.  Etoyahc

Hint:  This is a popular fruit in Central America, rich in vitamin C, and known as christophine in the country of France.

5.  A.  Cherimoya fruit or B.  Brazilian artichokes

Hint:  This food has a mixed flavor of banana, pineapple, papaya, peach, and strawberry.

6.  A.  White eel or B.  Gooeyduck

Hint:  This seafood is found off the coast of America and Canada, this clam has one of the longest lifespans on Earth, and has a savory flavor.

7.  A.  Corn fruit  or B.  Finger lime

Hint:  Inhabits the Australian continent, has a tangy flavor, and are a good replacement for lemons in baked goods. 

8.  A.  Sea urchin fruit or B.  Paraná pine nuts 

Hint:  These seeds are safe for consumption and largely grown in southern Brazil.

9.  Wapwap (Animisa) or B.  Pawpaw (Asimina)

Hint:  This fruit is native to America, was cultivated by American Indians, and has a mixed flavor of banana and mango.  

10.  A.  Rooibos or B.  Yerba maté

Hint:  Contains caffeine, used to make a tea from South American holly trees, and contains many vitamins.

The Ten Unknown Foods Quiz:  Answer Key

#1-5:  A
#6-10:  B

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