In the Words of Martha Stewart, Danny Boome, Julia Child, Gordon Ramsay, and Antonin Careme

In the Words of 
Martha Stewart, Danny Boome, Julia Child, 
Gordon Ramsay, and Antonin Careme

"Can't". "Cannot". "But". These are words deleted from my vocabulary. The words we use and 
choose not to use reveal a great deal. Our vocabulary demonstrates our beliefs, process of thinking, 
and is a powerful tool. I created these word clouds using Many Eyes out of curiosity for what I 
would find. While these visualizations do not include every written or spoken word by
these culinary artists, they do give us a good amount of insight.

The word cloud above is of the living expert Martha Stewart.  
All the word clouds were created using various sources from interviews, social media accounts, 
and cookbooks. Word size in the clouds depicts their frequency of use, the larger the word the more 
it was used by the person.

Danny Boome:  Former professional hockey player in Great Britain, chef, and face of the anti-drug campaign in the United Kingdom.  

Julia Child:  Master of French cuisine, star of several television programs on the Public Broadcasting Service, and cookbook author.

Gordon Ramsay:  The gruff star of various television series, such as Hell's Kitchen, The F Word, Kitchen Nightmares, and MasterChef.  Gordon began in football (soccer) and faced several injuries.  He went on at age 19 into cooking and restauranteering, earning several accolades including Michelin stars.


Antonin Careme: One of the first famous chefs in history. Careme developed his skills and 
innovated the culinary world of the 1800s. His achievements include baking for Napoleon's wedding 
and cooking for King George IV of England.

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