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How to Learn Your Favorite Recipe and Anything Else by Heart

How to Learn Your Favorite Recipe 
and Anything Else By Heart

Knowing ingredients, steps, cooking temperatures and other information by heart liberates us from forgetting items and doing poorly in the kitchen, school, or office.  The Roman Room System is a memory technique of associating items, facts, and directions to objects in a room.  

This system has been used for thousands of years and was a common practice among the ancient Romans.  You may have heard this system also called the method of loci (loci is Latin--language of Latium in Rome--for location or place).  Roman and Greek orators often used this method to repeat news, poems, and speeches to crowds.  This can be a very successful study method if you are a cook, student, or need to remember important information for your job.  A great technique to demonstrate to students of all ages and employees.  


1.  Take a journey through your mind, draw pictures, or use computer applications (such as Google Apps/G Suite) to design a location you know well, such as your kitchen, bedroom, or classroom.  Sometimes re-imagining the object in odd or zany ways will help you better remember them, such as your dog sitting on a stack of your kitchen plates.  

2.  Then associate or peg each object with a fact or item on your list.

3.  Review your Roman Room for a few moments over six days and your visual story will be remembered by heart.  


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Credits:, Image(s):, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston

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