Learning Factors by Professor John Hattie

Learning Factors

My following Keynote is based upon the work of Professor John Hattie.  It explains what affects your ability to learn in school, college, athleticstraining programs, credential programs, culinary institutes, etc.  See what affects formal (usually in school) and informal learning (Usually outside school:  home, work, independent reading, self-study, meetings, et cetera.).  

Adults are also affected by these factors when learning new knowledge and skills in such things as cooking, home and garden care, job training, and caring for their children.   

Table of Contents

Page 2.....In School Factors 1:2
Page 3.....In School Factos 2:2
Page 4.....Student Factors
Page 5.....Home Factors
Page 6.....Social Factors
Page 7.....Key Points
Page 10.....Resources

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