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¡Alerta!: SuperShuttle v. Prime Time Shuttle by Jesse Bluma

¡Alerta!:  SuperShuttle v. Prime Time Shuttle   

Travel, vacations, and weekend trips can be excellent experiences.  Need to relax?  Visit Costa Rica.  Need some fun?  Visit Las Vegas.  Need some adventure?  Visit Australia.  After you spend hours arranging planes, hotels, rental cars, luggage, pet care, and home you then need a way to get to the airport.  The possibilities include asking a friend, relative, parking your car at the airport, taking a taxi, taking a limousine, maybe taking a subway.  A common way is booking a shuttle van.  An airport shuttle is a great concept.  Get picked up at your door, taken to the airport, picked up at the airport, and returned home.  It must be a challenging job to coordinate all the pick ups and drop offs.  It is also probably extremely difficult to work with many of their drivers.  Some shuttle services promise an “on time guarantee”.  Read the fine print though, that is typically for getting you to the airport.  Coming home can be, and is mostly, a different experience.  Like you, this has happened to me several times.  

After a memorable trip, rest, relaxation, and fun, you arrive at the airport and wait to be taken home by the shuttle van.  You wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  Sometimes it is waiting for the van to come and sometimes you are seated on a van and wait until the driver fills up the other seats.  This can take and has taken longer for me than the drive home.  What happened to that relaxed, refreshed vacation feeling?  By now you are wishing you had asked your ninety-year-old grandma to pick you up.  I have had a few awesome van drivers, which I appreciate.  Most have been an adventure themselves, such as the one that almost drove into the freeway median five times, the one that could not find the address of another passenger, and the ones that always seem to drop off other passengers sixty seconds from my house then travel twenty minutes south to drop off other passengers, only to drive all the way north again to drop me off.  Is this to say I won’t ever utilize another shuttle service?  No, it does make me look for other alternatives that may work better considering time and other circumstances.  Overall I would rate Prime Time Shuttle slightly better for customer satisfaction over SuperShuttle.  Although both have made me wait hours to go home.  If you have a good, fair, or poor experience with these services contact them and let them know.   

SuperShuttle:  “In 1983, SuperShuttle pioneered the shared-ride airport ground transportation concept with the opening of its Los Angeles, California operation. Today, SuperShuttle is the premier shared-ride airport transportation service in the United States, providing door-to-door service for over 8 million passengers per year. Currently, SuperShuttle provides service to and from 39 airports and over 50 cities and has approximately 1,200 distinctive blue and yellow vans on the road.  SuperShuttle is a wholly owned subsidiary of Veolia Transportation, a global leader in the transportation industry. Veolia Transportation has over 125 years of experience operating bus, rail, shuttle, & taxi systems in 27 countries worldwide. In the US and Canada, Veolia operates 120 locations, and has 16,000 employees and franchisees. Veolia has a track record of valuing its employees and customers and of providing reliable, quality transportation services.”

Prime Time Shuttle:  “PRIME TIME SHUTTLE has been providing quality airport ground transportation service in Southern California since 1984. Back then, as a leader in the newly emerging rideshare industry, PRIME TIME set the standard, as far as innovation and quality as more and more people discovered this new method to get to and from the airport. In those early years of rideshare, most rideshare shuttle companies focused their attention on the transfer of out-of-town visitors to their hotels, usually in the downtown area. They avoided picking up passengers from their homes because it was more a complicated form of the business. It was a lot harder to assure that every person would get to their flight on time when they were not being picked up on the ‘reliable hotel route.’  Sensing the need to provide a quality and reliable rideshare service to the residents of Southern California, PRIME TIME SHUTTLE became a pioneer in the development of the operational software necessary to take reservations and dispatch vehicles with an efficiency and accuracy that was previously unknown. PRIME TIME quickly became the company that could be depended on to pick you up 'On Time' from your home, office or hotel.  Today, in addition to continuing to set the highest quality standards, PRIME TIME remains the only shuttle service in Southern California to offer an On Time Guarantee.  We're on time or your ride is free!”

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