T.S.A. Stole My Tapenade from Russ and Daughters by Jesse Bluma

T.S.A. Stole My Tapenade:  "The political 'games' have begun"

You may have heard of the “Glass Box Mother” Stacey Armato.  She was detained by The Transportation Security Administration for attempting to carry on breast milk to a plane.    I think many travelers have had good and bad experiences with airport security, including myself.  After one of my experiences with T.S.A. agents I wrote to the Orange County Register.  Below is my article that was published. 

The political 'games' have begun

Speeches in the forum, temple stages to the gods, crowds in stadiums, no this is not ancient Rome, this is the 2008 presidential race.  No McCain, no Obama, I hope Roman satirist Juvenal and domestic goddess Martha Stewart are elected president and vice president.  Amend the Constitution and invent a time machine if we must.  Juvenal understood that when society is distracted, "longing for just bread and circuses," civilizations fall. 

On a recent trip to New York I bought a small jar of Italian tapenade.
Forgetting it was in my carry-on, a T.S.A. agent confiscated the jar.  I'm sure Vice-President Stewart would not call that "a good thing."  While the boarding area is more secure since Sept. 11, 2001, the baggage claim area is rife with opportunity for theft and threat.  Definitely not a "good thing".  What else are we overlooking as T.S.A. agents nosh down on a bottle of fine wine and hot French bread topped with my olive spread?  

Where are Sen. Obama, Senator McCain, and the C.I.A.?  Feed them all to the lions, more chariot races, more bread, more blood sport, and more spectacular entertainment.

-Jesse Bluma

Russ and Daughters is where I purchased the tapenade.  
The T.S.A. agents that questioned me about it did not 
know what is was, although I'm sure once I told them 
they had fun eating it after I left.  If you visit Russ and 
Daughters it is located across from Momofuku.

For more information about the T.S.A. for travelers you can visit their official site.


T.S.A. customer service

Call 1-866-289-9673

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meganmagliozzi.wordpress.com, Published: Sept. 2, 2008 

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