BMW 328i Sedan Eco Pro Mode Review by Jesse Bluma

BMW 328i Sedan Eco Pro Mode Review

I recently got to test drive a BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works) 328i sedan.  This design is engaging, sophisticated, and has a dynamic forward thrust.  Often consumers think a BMW is out of their price range, and maybe it is for them.  A little comparison shopping and you will probably find yourself nicely surprised.  You might find that you can get the BMW rather than other automobiles.  


- handling
- engine power 
- good fuel-efficiency
- higher end interior 
- a menu of options and styles 
- safety
- comfort
- fun to drive
- the cup holder is in between the front passengers, a nice change from the dashboard cup holders of the previous model


- the 3 Series may not suit a large family
- the turn signal is not as responsive as I like
- the dashboard control display (radio, sound system, navigation, and navigation screen) is not seamlessly built into the dashboard

* Eco Pro Mode:  This select-in option may be a pro or con.  BMW claims a more efficiency with this technology, with optimized pedal and gear recognition and optimization of heating and air-conditioning.  This reduces the amount of total energy used by the car.  The car in this mode automatically goes to “Ready” when stopped at signals or waiting in traffic congestion.  “Ready” mode feels as if the car is off; however, upon accelerating or moving the steering wheel it will kick back “on”.  The transition is a bit jerky at first, yet after a couple days I was use to the mode.  As a select-in option, you can have the car in Eco Pro Mode or not.  

The video above shows the GT (Gran Turismo) model.  I test drove the 328i.

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Credit:  BMW

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