UMAMIcatessen Back Bar | Manhattan Recipe by Templeton Rye

UMAMIcatessen Back Bar | Manhattan Recipe by Templeton Rye

This bar will enrich your dining experience.  Yesterday I visited the UMAMIcatessen Back Bar in downtown Los Angeles.  There to celebrate a friend's birthday dinner.  This was a pre-dinner cocktail before having a terrific chef's dinner table meal by my culinary compadre Sharone Hakman.  UMAMIcatessen is part of the UMAMI Restaurant Group of Chef Adam Fleischman.  "Umami" is a Japanese word for one of the five kinds of taste, translated as "savory".  

“The Back Bar will offer a wide selection of high quality wines from around the world at an unbelievable value.  A reserve list of wines will change regularly, along with a few options for wines by the glass. Bigg’s cocktail menu for The Back Bar will include a mix of re-interpreted classics and handcrafted cocktails designed to complement the savory UMAMIcatessen menus. The Back Bar will also feature 10 different craft beers on draft and a limited assortment of bottled beer.”

My Recommendation

Order a Manhattan made with Templeton Rye 

(*Note:  rye is a grain within the same family as barely and wheat and provides a smooth finish to drinks.)

Manhattan Recipe by Templeton Rye Spirits

Serve stirred, never shaken.  Kiss with cherry.

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