Sharone Hakman: The Residency | UMAMIcatessen

Sharone Hakman:  The Residency

The Residency is a dynamic dining experience at UMAMIcatessen.  What is The Residency?  It is a chef’s table providing an intimate experience for chefs and diners to enjoy good food, good times, and gain culinary lessons.  Saturday night Sharone Hakman held his chef’s table, serving barbeque.  The group I was with had a terrific time, enjoyed his recipes, laughed a lot, and got some good cooking ideas.  I appreciate and share Sharone’s approach to elevating food.  “The Residency with ‘BBQ Elevated’, an upscale interpretation of barbecue from around the world. Best known for his standout performance on Fox's hit show Master Chef, and his own Hak's BBQ Sauce, Hakman is a culinary showman with an insatiable appetite for adventure and creating delectable food.”

UMAMIcatessen is part of the UMAMI Restaurant Group of Chef Adam Fleischman.  "Umami" is a Japanese word for one of the five kinds of taste, translated as "savory".  Fleischman began with The Residency to give a rotating selection of chef’s a pop-up platform and bring in variety to his restaurant.  The Residency is hosted at UMAMIcatessen, although this is no plain deli.  “Inspired by international street bazaars and the classic American delicatessen, UMAMIcatessen is a table-service dining hall inside the Orpheum with approximately 170 seats, a full bar, and 5 different kitchens preparing food concepts by notable chefs from around the country.”

Watermelon Salad with feta cheese and grilled Lebanese cheese

Octopus with mushrooms

Pork Belly with baby vegetables, corn, and quinoa

Ribs with kale and Hak's BBQ Sauce

Bread pudding with milk chocolate and 
S'more with homemade graham cracker

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